Monday, October 8, 2012

Tuesday's Tip of the Day: Perfume fade by lunch? Let us fix!

Does your perfume fade off before lunchtime?

Is your hand lotion scent too powerful or doesn’t compliment your perfume?

Some people love using one perfume all the time, some people like having a variety to choose from each day. Either way, each day you want to use scents that work together.
I personally love floral tones, so mixing lily of the valley with honeysuckle or lavender seems to work perfectly, as well as they compliment each other all day long.

To keep the scent from fading before lunchtime, I make sure that all the products I am using are scented - from my shower gel to body lotion and perfume.
I personally love the scent of lavender - it is never overpowering and lingers throughout the day, so I use that scent for my shower gel and body lotion. Then I use my mughetto (lily of the valley) perfume to top it off.

I know some people may have a reaction to scented products. Use what you can and make sure to place perfume in a few different places on the skin to help keep from fading as fast.

Does the perfume you use already have a body wash or lotion? Perfect match!

Some scents don’t mix as well – like the musky, heavier notes. In that case use a light smelling lotion or body wash and have your perfume be your main scent. You want to spray the perfume on your pulse points, neck, wrists, etc, not your clothes. Clothing can change the scent completely and can possibly stain some types of fabrics.

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