Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fact vs. Fiction - Beauty Myths Revealed!

There are so many "Facts" that are thrown around - drinking tea metabolizes your food faster, drinking water will minimize fine lines & wrinkles, shine serum is the only way to make hair shiny - you'd have to do a lot of trial and error to figure out what is true and what's not.

Below I reveal some "facts" and how much truth really is in each statement - that way you don't have to do all the work ;)

1. Brushing your hair 100 times will make it it's shiniest - False
Brushing your hair that many times won't do anything but damage it more. For true shine, use a good conditioner and shine serum (if you hair can handle it). Brushing too often and too much will pull out hairs that aren't even ready to come out. Try to brush as little as possible and always use a wide tooth comb when hair is damp or wet to cause less breakage and pulling.

2. Drinking a lot of water will fill in lines & wrinkles - False
While this statement is not completely false, it isn't true. For your skin to look it's best, you do want to hydrate regularly by drinking water, as well as by hydrating your skin with the proper moisturizer, however it isn't going to take away all of those fine lines and wrinkles. Hydration is key, and what doesn't minimize, using a facial cream to plump up those lines will do the trick.

3. Shampoos and Conditioners will repair your split ends - False
While so many products say they will repair damaged hair and split ends, there is only so much a product could do. Split ends are due to over processing and heat damage to the hair, and the only way to completely get rid of them, is to cut them off. Try to minimize the amount of heat you use on your hair, and when you do, use a thermal protectant spray (it does help a little). Getting regular hair cuts helps keep split ends under control as well, and remember to use conditioner on your ends to help prevent damage.

4. Makeup never expires - False
Well, you should all know this from my blog a couple of weeks ago! Every makeup product has an expiration date. Products and the applicators you use, whether they be sponges or brushes, or even your fingers, carry bacteria that you are moving back and forth from your face to your makeup - yuck! Products such as mascara and liquid and cream foundations and concealers, last from one month to a year, while powder products can last up to two year, but either way, they all expire - so make a note to yourself!

5. Preparation H can help minimize bags under the eyes - True
Yay! Finally a True Statement!! I use this trick all the time. It doesn't make them disappear all together, but it does make the swelling go down enough that they can be concealed with a little bit of makeup. Yay for tricks that actually do work!
*If you know any "facts" and are curious if they are true,
or write in my comments and I'll make sure to answer!*

Friday, February 24, 2012

What's Your Face Shape Got to Do With It? Everything!

Ever read articles in magazines where it tells you what's best for your "face shape"?

Ever sit back and think - "oh geez - is my face square or heart shaped?"(or something of that nature?)

Well, I'm here to Save the Day! (along with a little help from totalbeauty.com)

First, you need to start off with a photo of your face. It could be one you've taken of yourself with you iPhone, it doesn't matter, just try to have you hair not in your face, so you can see all of your features (including your ears).

Then, start to ask yourselves these questions:

1. Is the width and length of my face about the same, where the widest part is from ear to ear (sorta like a globe)?
If yes, your face is ROUND.

2. Is my face longer than it is wide? 
If yes, then ask yourself:
Is it long and narrow with a narrow chin and/or higher forehead?
If yes, your face is OBLONG/RECTANGULAR.

3. Are my forehead and cheekbones wide, but my jaw narrow?
If yes, your face is HEART-shaped.

4. Is my forehead the same width as my jaw line and is my jaw prominent? Is my hairline squared off at my temples?
If yes, your face is SQUARE.

5. Is my jaw line wider than my forehead?
If yes, your face is DIAMOND - shaped.

6. Is my face approximately twice as long as it is wide? Is it only slightly narrower at the jaw than at the temples? Is my hairline rounded?
If yes, your face is OVAL.

Ok now you have a better idea of what face shape you are working with. Feel better? I hope so!

Now as a little bonus, since so many people ask me where to apply blush (and that really has to do with your face shape), below is a diagram that will help show you the correct placement for blush for you! (if you have a Diamond shape, go with the Oblong for blush)

Hope that was helpful! Face shapes have a lot to do with how you shape your eyebrows and what hairstyles looks best - especially when it comes to bangs - I let me know if you have more specific questions!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beauty Questions by Tweeties: Answered!

Follow the Link Below to Check Out all the Beauty Questions I answered from Tweeties!!

***Let me know if  you have any questions of your own!***

Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring 2012: What's In and What's Out!

Every magazine has their monthly "Do's and Don't" of the fashion and makeup world...Now it's my turn!

Below is about what is IN and what is OUT for this Spring 2012 season! Be ready!

Dewy Skin -
Matte skin is out! Having that dewy look can be achieved with cream and liquid foundations. This doesn't mean you have to slather your face with clear lip gloss, it means add the proper amount of foundation plus a little shimmer or shine to highlight features you want to accentuate - such as your cheek bones! Vua-la!

Caked-On Makeup -
Never a "do"! Not in any circumstance or situation! Makeup that looks like it was applied by a Broadway theater makeup artist should not be worn on a daily basis, or ever - unless your on Broadway! Keep face makeup minimal, your motto should be "less is more". No matter what you are trying to cover on your skin, when you apply mounds of makeup, you are only making it worse. If you need to layer cosmetics, such as concealer, foundation and powder, apply lightly and blend well - brushes always work better than sponges or fingers - and much more sanitary!

Sun Kissed Skin -
Giving yourself a sun kissed glow with bronzer is a do! Packing on the bronzer until you've turned yourself into an oopma loompa is a don't! Once you apply your foundation (which should match your skin tone correctly) you can then apply light bronzer over the face to give that glow that everyone wishes they had naturally! When it's not overdone, it's a flawless face finish!
*remember to wear blush with or without bronzer, you always want to show off those cheekbones*

Face Darker than Neck -
EEK! Not much to say about this! Oopma Loompa makeup is for Halloween only!
Just. Don't. Do. It.

Neon/Bold Lips -
love. Love. LOVE. Once you find the perfect bright/bold/neon lipstick that works for you - your going to want to wear it every day! The perfect bright lip will boost your mood and your confidence, and pairing it with suble, simple face makeup, it works for day or night!

Dark Liner Nude Lipstick -
Another bad makeup idea. Whoever thought of this should be in jail! Just like the extremely bronzed face, this is a no-no!

Subtle Highlights -
*sigh* So pretty! When you have subtle highlights, it instantly brightens up your face! It's a perfect change for your hair while not having to be crazy committed. Once you're bored, just color over 'em! If your hair is lighter, add subtle lowlights - this will make your natural color look like the highlight. There are so many fun ways to change your hair without having to do a drastic cut - just talk with your stylist!

Skunk-Like Streaks -
Um...yea...I don't know. =(

Messy Loose Locks -
Many call this - bedhair. I call it - perfection! Throw your hair into braids before bed and either leave it, or run through it quickly with a curling iron in the morning. The braids help keep the top smooth while adding the waves towards the bottom. Add a little smoothing serum, to seal in the waves, and some hairspray and you are good to go!

Stiff Perfect Hair -
While certain stuff perfect hair is classicly chic - like the ballerina bun, but some hair styles are just too much. When your hair looks like it will break like a vase on a marble floor if you touch it, it's too much. Having touchable hair is sexy - and sexy is in!

*Comment below or email me at makeupbyheathera@gmail.com if you have any specific questions or concerns you'd like me to blog about ~ Thanks*

Thursday, February 16, 2012

*Friday Favorites*

I can't believe February is already half over! How crazy?! Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day and are now getting ready for Spring (hopefully it will be here before we know it!)

Check out some great finds - well I think they are anyway - Enjoy!

1. Chanel's Rouge Allure Laque in Empire - the Perfect Red Lip

When you are looking for that perfect bold lip to go with that natural or smokey eye makeup and little black dress - this is it! It is a blue based red, so it really isn't for everyone, but most can pull it off, even if it's worn lightly or over another lipstick. The coverage is amazing and it lasts a few hours without wearing off. It's not drying to the lips and it doesn't bleed. I can't think of anything better to say about it! It is a limited edition so get your hands on it now! $32 chanel.com

2. Using Shadow as Eyeliner

On a daily basis, as well as to all of my clients, I recommend using shadow as liner. It is a softer look for everyday, and allows you to be creative with your makeup! You can use navy or dark greens and purples that you may not have purchased in pencils or liquid. Apply the colors over black liner, or as a substitute. I dare you to try it! Drugstore $5 each

3. OPI My Private Jet

For summer or winter, this color is great for fingers and toes! It's a silvery-grey tone that has flecks of all different colors that in the sun can look rainbow-ish.  Matches any outfit and any color. Not much else to say - simply stunning!

4. Mary Kay Oil-Free Makeup Remover

Definetly a must have!!! I have been using this for years and honestly I have tried so many other makeup removing products, this is my all time favorite! I do use Target makeup wipes a lot, but for removing eye makeup and lipstick that may have stained your lips, this is much better and leaves your skin far less dry than wipes do. The "oil free" makes it great for people with combination to oily skin types, and it is also great for women with sensative skin. $15 marykay.com/nmorabito

5. And lastly, my favorite of all - My Award! =)

Sorry, had to throw that in there =)
I am so happy to have be honored with this award.  I have put a lot of work into my business over the past few years and I really appreciate that its all been recognized due to the responses and reviews I have received from my clients! Thank you everyone! xo!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

*Friday Favorites*

This weeks favorites!!! Check em out!!!

1. Disney Bound - Deck of Cards

I LOVE this website! It's someones blog where they put together outfits that have a Disney Theme, like the one above. It gives cute and inspirational ideas for outfits for everyday or going out!
2. Magic Lash

I purchased this product last week and just received it yesterday! Even though I have literally only used it one time, I can already tell it's one of my favorite products! It's a small wand that applies baby fibers to your lashes in between coats of mascara. What I also love about it, is that you get to your the mascara you already love, you just apply this in between. It lets you create longer looking lashes, if even for just one night a week! They come right off when you wash your face, so perfect!
$18 overallbeauty.com

3. TouchBack Temporary Color Marker

OK so I don't use this on myself, however many of my clients do - and swear by it! It's perfect for in between hair colorings where you have just enough gray hairs to annoy you, but not enough to want to get it colored yet. It is also great if you color your hair darker than your natural, even if you don't have gray. It washes out, however it doesn't bleed onto your scalp, or transfer to fabrics, so if you don't wash your hair everyday, you won't have to worry about getting it all over your pillowcase or clothing!
Around $20 amazon.com

4. La Bella Donna - Vision of Mineral Lights

I use this compact in Sunset everyday! It gives a clean, fresh glow to the skin, while also giving a hint of being in the summer sun! There are four different compacts, each with four different shades. I use a large face powder brush and swipe over all the tones at once, blending them together into one, before applying to the face.
$45 at labelladonna.com

5. A Memory Jar - Corks

This is a great way to keep memories you want close, without being too feminine (we know how some guys don't like that). When you go out to eat, or anything you share a bottle of wine or champagne, mark the cork with the date and/or any other info you'd like, and place in a clear class jar. You and your significant other know that it holds many great memories, but to others, it is a great decorative piece that can be placed anywhere in your home!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

When it's Time to Toss: Shelf Life of Your Cosmetics!!

There have been so many times when I am conducting a makeup application, and a client says to me, "my foundation all of sudden has been making me break out..now I need to find a new one." Even though it is possible that your skin has changed and a reaction may occur, most of the time it is because the product has expired - yes expired! Many of you probably are like "what? my products can't last forever?" sorry ladies and gents, just like a condiment in your fridge can go bad, so can your liquid foundation!

To make this super easy (so easy you can just print and put on your bullitan board), I have listed the products below and next to them how long you should keep before tossing and purchasing a new one (plus some tips!).

Skin Care:

Cream & Gel Cleansers - 1 year - creams and gels will get an odor once they've gone bad, try to notice what the scent should be so you know if it has gone bad.

Face Creams - 1 year - same as above, if an odor come first, toss it!


Concealers - 1 year

Pressed Powders - 2 years - This includes, face powders, bronzers, highlighting powders, etc - as long as there is no shiny buildup on the surface of the powder, once that occurs, it needs to be tossed

Pencil Liners - 3 years - As long as sharpened regularly

Liquid Eyeliner - 3 months - There is no way to clean that brush or felt tip that applies the product to your eye. If used everyday, it needs to be changed often to keep bacteria away from the eye area

Shadows - 3 years - Many people keep shadows for longer..just like a face powder, if a shiny film appears on the surface, it's time to be tossed!

Foundation (water based) - 1 year

Foundation (oil based) - 1.5 years - Oil based products tend to seperate, so just shake up before use if it hasn't gone bad yet, that is natural.

Lipstick - 2-3 years

Mascara - Many people say 3-4 months, I recommend every month if used everyday. Too much bacteria is on a mascara wand, chances of contracting pink eye are higher the longer you keep it.


Brushes - never go bad, they just need to be washed on a regular basis to maintain them - I recommend once a month, at least, with a mild baby shampoo.

Sponges - if used every day, I would say weekly they need to be tossed. However sponges absorb alot of product, resulting in wasting, I always recommend brushes over sponges.

Tips* -

1 - General rule of thumb: if it stinks, toss it. Odor is a big sign if something goes bad, just like food or beverages - your natural instinct is to smell to see if it's good, do the same with makeup. Also, just like bad food can make you sick, bad makeup can lead to reactions such as blotchiness, bumps, pimples, red spots, etc.

2 - All natural products tend to expire quicker do the fact that there are no preservatives - again just like food! Check out those products more often to make sure they are still good.

3 - If you purchase the product at a department store or a boutique, ask the consultant how long the product should last, so you have an idea when it will go bad.

**Use these Beauty Alert! labels to help you remember when a product may expire! $4.95**

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

*Friday Favorites*

Here is my second *Friday Favorites* post...Enjoy!

1. Laura Mercier - Limited Edition Lingerie Eye & Cheek Palette

I absolutely love this palette! It has the colors perfect for day and night, while also giving you a few options. What makes this compact versatile is that you don't have to use the whole palette each time you wear it, you can create your own look each time you open it up! The size makes it great for your makeup bag and even better for travel - it has your eye shadows and blushes in one slim compact.
$60 sold at Laura Mercier counters and online.

2. Laura Geller - Perfect Pairing Liquid & Powder Liner
I came across this product last weekend through my friend, and let me tell you - it's amazing! One side is a liquid liner, with an amazing felt point tip applicator, and the other is a black powder that has a felt applicator as well. The powder can be a little messy so I do recommend applying it before face makeup so you can clean your face after the application, but it stays on for hours! $26 from QVC

3. MAC Brush #187
All of you that know me know I call it my "Skunk Brush". This is my favorite brush for any liquid/powder/cream face lotions, foundations, etc. The reason why I love this brush so much is because it is dense enough at the base to be sturdy, yet the white bristles are more sparse, letting you not waste product, and ensuring that it applies evenly on the skin. Any product that I apply with this brush, which is about all face products except blush, I apply by creating circular motions around the face, giving an airbrushed effect. If the product is a liquid or cream foundation, I use a different #187 brush to apply the powder over it - again, in circular motions. You want your skin to look and feel flawless once your makeup is applied, and this brush does just that! $42 maccosmetics.com

4. Beauty Alert! Beauty Labels
These are great labels that you apply to your beauty products to let you know when they need to be trashed! You don't want to use products that are passed their expiration date, especially with beauty products - you can end up with a reaction that can be as subtle as an itch to as obvious as blotchy blisters. Certain products, such as shadows and powder products don't expire nearly as quickly as liquid products do. Find out from the company you are purchasing your products from how long they last, so you know when they need to go! $4.95 beautyalert.biz
*Most products, such as foundation, face creams, etc, if used every day, will last a certain amount of months, depending on size of the product - no product should expire before that time. However if you use only once a week or once here and there, it may need to be trashed before you finish it.
5. Valentine's Day Candy Vase

My one non-beauty item ~ I absolutely love this! I am obsessed with vases and different ways to display flowers, and this just was too cute - especially for this time of year! Placing the flowers in a clear tumbler glass with the heart candies just brings colorful happiness to me when I look at it - I think you will too!

Looking forward to some new Friday Favorites next week, and a few new blog posts in between!