Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring 2012: What's In and What's Out!

Every magazine has their monthly "Do's and Don't" of the fashion and makeup world...Now it's my turn!

Below is about what is IN and what is OUT for this Spring 2012 season! Be ready!

Dewy Skin -
Matte skin is out! Having that dewy look can be achieved with cream and liquid foundations. This doesn't mean you have to slather your face with clear lip gloss, it means add the proper amount of foundation plus a little shimmer or shine to highlight features you want to accentuate - such as your cheek bones! Vua-la!

Caked-On Makeup -
Never a "do"! Not in any circumstance or situation! Makeup that looks like it was applied by a Broadway theater makeup artist should not be worn on a daily basis, or ever - unless your on Broadway! Keep face makeup minimal, your motto should be "less is more". No matter what you are trying to cover on your skin, when you apply mounds of makeup, you are only making it worse. If you need to layer cosmetics, such as concealer, foundation and powder, apply lightly and blend well - brushes always work better than sponges or fingers - and much more sanitary!

Sun Kissed Skin -
Giving yourself a sun kissed glow with bronzer is a do! Packing on the bronzer until you've turned yourself into an oopma loompa is a don't! Once you apply your foundation (which should match your skin tone correctly) you can then apply light bronzer over the face to give that glow that everyone wishes they had naturally! When it's not overdone, it's a flawless face finish!
*remember to wear blush with or without bronzer, you always want to show off those cheekbones*

Face Darker than Neck -
EEK! Not much to say about this! Oopma Loompa makeup is for Halloween only!
Just. Don't. Do. It.

Neon/Bold Lips -
love. Love. LOVE. Once you find the perfect bright/bold/neon lipstick that works for you - your going to want to wear it every day! The perfect bright lip will boost your mood and your confidence, and pairing it with suble, simple face makeup, it works for day or night!

Dark Liner Nude Lipstick -
Another bad makeup idea. Whoever thought of this should be in jail! Just like the extremely bronzed face, this is a no-no!

Subtle Highlights -
*sigh* So pretty! When you have subtle highlights, it instantly brightens up your face! It's a perfect change for your hair while not having to be crazy committed. Once you're bored, just color over 'em! If your hair is lighter, add subtle lowlights - this will make your natural color look like the highlight. There are so many fun ways to change your hair without having to do a drastic cut - just talk with your stylist!

Skunk-Like Streaks -
Um...yea...I don't know. =(

Messy Loose Locks -
Many call this - bedhair. I call it - perfection! Throw your hair into braids before bed and either leave it, or run through it quickly with a curling iron in the morning. The braids help keep the top smooth while adding the waves towards the bottom. Add a little smoothing serum, to seal in the waves, and some hairspray and you are good to go!

Stiff Perfect Hair -
While certain stuff perfect hair is classicly chic - like the ballerina bun, but some hair styles are just too much. When your hair looks like it will break like a vase on a marble floor if you touch it, it's too much. Having touchable hair is sexy - and sexy is in!

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