Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dry Shampoo...Do or Don't?


I'm sure that most of you have heard that washing your hair everyday isn't the best. Depending on your type of hair, there is a certain amount of times you should wait between shampoos.
Thick, curly hair can wait 3-4 days.
Fine, straight, or even fine curly hair, might have to be done every day or every other day.

For those of you that feel that your hair looks oily enough that you need to wash it for work, but not oily enough to wash it if you were staying home - dry shampoo to the rescue!

Dry Shampoo - a product that absorbs oil and leaves hair smelling fresh (even though its not..hehe!)

Dry Shampoo's have been out for years, however many people have only become familiar with them recently since they have become popular. They are usually packaged in an aerosol spray can, but they can be in a powder form. The powders may come in "shades" to match your hair, or are translucent to work with all hair colors - powders can be messy, I recommend the cans! Less messy too!

When it comes to dry shampoo, you want to spray, or dab powder, near your part first (since that is usually where it is most oily) then run through your strands, if needed. Hair gets oily when your scalp is oily. There are many factors that can change how oily your scalp and hair may get. You may be using the wrong shampoo. Just because the shampoo is for brunettes, and your a brunette, doesn't mean it is the best shampoo for you. You have to take into consideration your scalp. Is it itchy and feel dry? Does it feel oily to the touch even when you just showered? These are all questions you should be asking yourself when purchasing your next shampoo.
*Ex - If you feel your scalp and hair get oily rather quicky, purchasing a hydrating shampoo and deep conditioner is going to make it worse.

Below are three budget-friendly dry shampoos that work as good as the rest of 'em!

Batiste Dry Shampoo
Don’t let the low-budget packaging fool you, this is one of the most popular dry shampoos on the market. Batiste Dry Shampoo comes in a variety of scents, and at only $5.99 per can, it does it's job!

Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo

This is a mineral and clay based dry shampoo that creates volume as it absorbs oils & eliminates product build-up. It's tacl-free formula is invisible, letting it be used on any hair color. At around $13 per can, it's a steal!

TRESemme Fresh Start

The true greatness about this product is that there are options! They have created dry shampoos for any hair-issue you may have. With strengthening, volumizing, smoothing & moisturizing, TRESemme lets you decide which is best for your hair needs! For around $5 per can you can't get any more customized than this!

**All of these products can be purchased at your local drugstore or Sally's Beauty Supply (which is open to the public!) ENJOY!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Tweezers & Brushes & Liners, Oh My!

Every person's makeup bag is filled with goodies needed to get through their day! However, there are a handful of products that every person should have handy. Make sure these products are in your survival kit (a.k.a. your makeup bag - that is my survival kit..isn't it yours??)

Foundation/Powder Brush (depending on what you use)
MAC's #187 brush is one of my favorites! I call it my skunk brush because of its colors. This brush evenly distributes powder or liquid all over the face leaving a flawless finish. No matter which liquid or powder you use, this brush will make sure it is applied evenly.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
Hands down - the best eyelash curler around! If you curl your lashes, you want this curler, if you don't - then you need to start! Once you purchase it, you will carry it everywhere! Check it out for yourself!

Tweezerman Slant Tweezers
You never know when one little hair might pop up! Tweezers weigh nothing, and can come into use for other things, such as unclumping your mascara! I always carry tweezers in my bag, even though I wax my eyebrows. In between waxes you may need to clean those puppies up, and tweezing as they pop up makes it easier for you to keep your eyebrow shape - also saves you in time in the long run.

MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencils
I love to carry a few eyeliners, in different colors. You never know when you may end up going somewhere directly from work and won't have time to go home and get ready. Other than using the liners for the obvious - lining your eyes - if they are soft enough, smudge them on the lid to create a shadow, or smokey effect. Instead of carrying tons of shadows and brushes for each color, the liners can be a substitute. MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencils are great for this, and at $15 each, they won't make you go over budget!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fun Beauty Stocking Stuffers!!

Want to get your daughter, mother, cousin, friend, co-worker a fun beauty stocking stuffer, but don't know what's out there? There is a great deal of fun, limited edition options available during the holiday season. Take advantage of these great sets and prices for others - but don't forget to get a little something for yourself!

Below I listed a few ideas with prices, all available at Sephora - so you don't have to go nuts running around this holiday season!

For: The Makeup Lover!
Lorac Bejeweled Day & Night Jewelry Box ($415 value for only $56!)
This embellished jewelry box features two high-shine lip glosses, a bronzing powder, two eyeliners in brown and black, and two versatile eye shadow palettes for both day and night!

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For: The Fragrance Obsessed!
Sephora Favorites Deluxe Fragrance Sampler ($96 value only $50!)

This set of 12 fragrance samples includes a voucher for a full-size bottle, making it a perfect present when you're not sure what to choose! Its box opens to reveal a range of Sephora's bestselling women's fragrances that can be sampled right away. It's like having the fragrance department located in your own bedroom! 

For: The Traveler!
Laura Mercier The Book of Nudes ($93 value only $48!)
This collection includes subtle & sophisticated colors. The mirrored palette's colors will enhance eyes, face, and cheeks for a naturally flawless look. Create the perfect nude eye with shadows ranging from soft Buff to deep Granite, while lining and defining the lashline with Ground Espresso Tightline Cake Eye Liner. Finish the look with a trio of sheer shades for face and cheeks to give skin a natural, "no-makeup" glow.

For: A Happy Body!
Soap & Glory You Cube ($32 value only $25!)
This set is packed with the brand's essential bath and body products in tote sizes. The cube includes their shea butter and aloe vera Original Formula Righteous Butter Body Butter, Hand Food™ Hand Cream, and Clean On Me™ Shower Gel. Also has a loofah to complete the body cleansing experience!

*There are so many holiday gift sets available, you will find something for everyone on your list! Sephora Online always has great limited edition sets from all your top brands. Check out their website for great finds and shop online - will save you on gas and time on line in the store!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crazy Curly Hair? No Problem!!

Do you have crazy curly hair and absolutely hate it? Don't! There is so much you can do with it, you just need the right products to get started!

It all starts with your shampoo and conditioner. I love, Love, LOVE DevaCurl! It is made specifically for people with curly hair. It hydrates the strands and keeps them healthy for soft, in-tact curls. After shampooing and conditioning, towel dry so your hair isn't dripping wet and apply a curl-cream, starting half inch from the roots all the way to the ends. If your hair is on the finer side, using a titch of hair oil will give you the same results without weighing your hair down. I love Paul Mitchell's The Cream or MoroccanOil's Curl Cream. For fine hair use MoroccanOil or another type of hair oil.

Once the product is applied to the head, style as you like. The products will help fight frizz while not making the hair super heavy. If you feel you need to dry it a little, use the diffuser attachment to your blow-dryer to help with that process.

On those days when you want to straighten your hair, after washing, using Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. Apply an inch from root to ends, focusing on the middle to end of the hair strands. Don't use too much because it can get greasy looking.

After applying Super Skinny, use your round brush and your blow-dryer. Having the concentrator nozzle on your dryer will help focus the heat on where your drying, and help speed up the drying process. You may need to use a flat iron over the hair at the end to smooth, just keep heat on a lower setting and use just for smoothing.

If you really find your curly hair hard to manage, and are waking up an hour earlier because you know you have to tame your locks, a Keratin Treatments is a great way to help you spend less time fussing with your hair. Most keratin treatments soften up the curl, and will blow-dry in half the time. The most popular benefit of a keratin treatment is: eliminating frizz. Frizz-fighting is most of your battle when it comes to doing your hair, a keratin treatment will fight that battle for you, therefore helping save you time in the morning!

Monday, November 14, 2011

L'Oreal iNOA Hair Color!!!!

I am super excited to say that I am now certified to purchase and work with L'Oreal iNOA Hair Color!

This isn't just any hair color, this is iNOA. It is a permament hair color that is ammonia-free! How amazing is that?? It is super hydrating and conditioning for the hair, leaving the hair in better condition that before it was colored. Hair will be shiny and soft, and is great for hair that has been treated with a Keratin Treatment.
Grey coverage can't be beat by this product. If you have some grey/white hairs, this color is fantastic!

Since the product is ammonia-free, there is no smell when getting your hair colored. None. Completely scentless.
Another benefit of this ammonia-free color brand, it is much better for people that have sensative scalps. It actually helps soothe the scalp with the conditioning agents in the product.

I can't wait to use this new product and hope you will enjoy the benefits of it with me!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Want to look older? Didn't think so! Makeup tips to keep you looking young!

While watching the Today Show on NBC this morning, they had a small segment about makeup mistakes that can make you look older than you actually are. Who would want to do that? No one! So let me share some tips with you to make sure you are keeping yourself up-to-date and young (but not too young!)

1. Moisturizing!
How funny! Just last week I wrote a blog about face moisturizing for the winter months! It is a common mistake, but just because your face isn't itchy or feels dry, or even if you think you have too much oil - you MUST MUST MUST hydrate that skin! No matter what you think, without moisturizing your makeup will not go on as smoothly, and your skin will seem to age quicker. Also, many people think of foundation as "makeup". It is actually an additional protective layer for the skin. You don't have to use a heavy foundation to get the skin protection benefits you need. Using a pressed powder over your moisturizer will protect, as well as feel light and natural on the skin. Many powders are made with SPF for added sun protection - which is a must!
I love Estee Lauder's Double Wear Pressed Powder ($32). It glides on smooth and is great for oily and dry skin tones, as long as you are properly cleansed and moisturized first.

2. Dark Lip Liner with Light Lipstick is a No-No!
I don't know how many times magazines, and makeup artists and even friends, need to tell people that dark lip liner adds years to your look. Great for Halloween! Not great for everyday! As seen below, Pamela Anderson is one of the Queen's of using dark lip liner and nude lipstick! However the photo on the right as her with just nude lips. Even though they aren't the greatest photos of her, you can see how a subtle change to the lips can change the look.
My favorite combination for nude lips is MAC Whirl lip liner ($14), Hug Me lipstick ($14.50) and Bare Necessity Dazzleglass ($18.50). The photo of Jene Luciani below has her wearing that MAC combination. It's flawless and enhances any look on any skin tone!

3. Using Foundation as Bronzer = Clown Face
Many people think that by purchasing their foundation a shade or two darker, they won't have to apply bronzer, so therefore it will save them a step in the morning. Wrong! If your foundation leaves a visible line where the product ends and your skin begins, it is not the right color, and shouldn't be purchased (see left photo below). Foundation needs to match your skin tone so that you have a canvas for the rest of your makeup. If your base color is off, the rest of your face is going to be off. Say bye to you and hello to clown makeup (see C. Aguilera below). Heavy makeup ages your look, and who wants that? Not me!
Department stores let you sample products before you purchase, so use that to your advantage! It's not a scam to make you spend money (well, maybe alittle), but the company's have samples so you can see how their product feels and works before you purchase it. Some department store lighting is horrible - in that case, put the product on and take a mirror and walk to a window, or door and see how it looks in the natural light. Or, ask the company if you can take a sample home to try, that way you can use the product in your own environment and try it with your own products. Take advantage of what is offered to you so you receive the best results!

*Bonus - Not Cleansing Your Face Properly
I know this is not a makeup tip, however it is a tip, and you should read it carefully! When I was working for MAC, during my orientation, the instructor had said that every time you didn't wash your face before going to sleep, the skin on your face ages 7 days. Seven days??!! That is a crazy fact! If you don't wash your face before bed for a week, your face ages over a month!! Eekk!
Using a cream based cleanser is my favorite kind because it cleanses and hydrates at the same time, leaving your face soft afterwards, not dry and rough. However if the choice is a makeup remover wipe or not cleansing your face, the wipe will do! When it comes to cleansers, I don't feel it's necessary to break the bank. This is the type of product that you can purchase at a drugstore and it will work just as well.
Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser ($10) works extremely well with dry, normal and oily skin tones. Cleansing your face daily helps with breakouts and keeps your skin in tip-top shape! For those days when your about to fall on your face from exhaustion, I love my Oil of Olay Daily Facial Wipes. Just add water to create a creamy facial cloth that will wipe the day away (around $12).
Both available at your local drugstore, Walmart, and Target.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Two Gift Sets that are Great for the Woman Who has Everything! (and yourself!)

Just because its Holiday time, doesn't mean you can't purchase a few gifts for yourself! This is the time of year when "Limited Edition" is slapped all over product packaging! Many of the limited items are very similar to the brand's regular products. However, there are brands that give you a great deal on their products!

Below are two limited editions that everyone should check out:

The Book of Nudes, Laura Mercier ($48)
Available at Sephora, this neutral, but fantastic, palette can be used with any skin tone. Working with the colors to create a natural look, or a smokey eye look, this palette gives you the tools to go with your imagination. It includes lip and cheek colors, which makes it perfect for travel. This is a fantastic deal for yourself and someone else!

Make it Perfect Brush Kit, MAC ($49.50)
Brushes are the key to a perfect makeup application. If you have great brushes, even if you can't apply makeup well, it makes a huge difference in the outcome. So get rid of those icky sponge brushes that come in compact - they carry bacteria - yuck!
I absolutely LOVE my MAC brushes. I have had my same set for over eight years, and they are still going strong! I clean them regularly and keep them in a good environment (not too hot, not humid), which is important. When you spend $20-$50 per brush, you want them to last you as long as possible. MAC brushes do all of that and beyond - which is why this set is on my list today!
Only at Holiday time, does MAC sell a brush set.  Each year they create three separate sets - each including specific essentials for eyes and face.
Below I have shown you the "Essentials" Kit. It includes a face powder brush, a liquid foundation/moisturizer brush, and three eye brushes. Separately these brushes would be around $100. What is also great about their brush sets is that the handles are shortened. Therefore they fit perfectly in the makeup bag that comes with the set (or your own). Nothing beats great brushes; and this set, as well as the other two available, are worth purchasing! 

*I will be posting a few great gift sets every week - so keep checking back for more great deals*

You Asked, So I Answered...Must-Have Moisturizers for Winter!

Winter months bring snow, happiness, holidays, & family. But it also brings stress, dry skin, & high credit card bills! I can't do too much about the credit card bills, but I can DEFINITELY help with the dry skin (which may help reduce your stress as well!).

My Must-Have Moisturizers for the Upcoming Months!

*Face Moisturizer should keep your skin hydrated until you wash your face at night! Now, there isn't one product that works for everyone, since every has different skin. So here are my fave's!

Dry to Extremely Dry Skin - Dr. Perricone Face Finishing Moisturizer ($65+)

Using this moisturizer over a facial serum, my peronsal favorite being Zelen's Radical Defense Serum, gives a fresh, hydrated, clean feeling, without the skin feeling greasy or back to dry for the entire day! Dr Perricone has amazing serums as well, and Zelen's has amazing face moisturizers. This duo, for me, works well with my budget (the Zelen's is a splurge ($210), but necessary!)
For a more budget-friendly serum, Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum is under $25 and available at Target. It works wonders with hydration, aging and prepping the skin for the next steps.

Normal Skin - Oil of Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid (under $15)

This is one of the best moisturizers out there - and its found at your local drugstore! I recommend using a serum with any skin type, however many people with normal skin tend to feel a little greasy when layering too many hydration products, even if they are oil-free. Using a oil-free foundation primer (if you wear foundation or powder) can add that little bit of extra skin protection that you need. I love Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation Primer ($30). 

Combination to Oily Skin - Mary Kay Timewise Combination-Oily Moisturizer ($22)

Many are not familiar with Mary Kay. It is a independent sales company, where you work with a  personal consultant to get the products that work for you. Their Skin Care Collections have been number one in the US for over ten years in a row - most don't know about it since the product isn't sold in your local department or drugstore.
At a very budget-friendly price of under $25, Mary Kay's moisturizer is fabulous for people with comination to oily skin. If you are very oily, to keep the oil under control, try their matching cleanser. The set is under $35 and will last 4-5 months with daily use.
Mary Kay also has primers and serums, as well as many other products, that are designated for different skin types.

*Please leave questions in the comment section below, or email me at makeupbyheathera@gmail.com if you want a certain question answered! I love helping out my readers!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Keeping Up with the...Hair Styling Products!

There are SO MANY hair products out there! It is actually sick to think that there are probably hundreds of different brands of "flexible hold hairspray" or "anti-frizz serums". Which one is better than the rest? Unless you can try them all..you may never know which the best one is...but you will know which one  is best for you!

I wanted to share with you a few products that have made my - Top Hair Products That Make Me Want To Dance Around My Room From Happiness - list!

1. Sebastian Shaper Plus Hairspray
This is definitely one of my favorites! This hairspray works on all textures of hair and keep styles in place while also keeping the hair soft. It works for updo's and hairstyles where hair is all down.
When hairspray makes the hair too hard, eventually with movement and touching, it cracks and can cause white flakes that resemble dandruff - yuck! If you want a little bit of a stronger hold..check out product number two!

2. Rusk w8less Plus Hairspray
I know I already listed a hairspray, but this one is just as important..I swear! Along with the Sebastian hairspray, this is the only other hairspray I carry in my hairdressing bag! Again, this product is great for all textures and types of hair, and has a flexible strong hold. For those curls that you want to stay just a little longer - maybe for a wedding when hair has to look amazing for almost twelve hours - using the Rusk as a finishing spray is the way to go! I use both sprays together so that the inner portions of the updo use the Sebastian spray, and the outer parts, use the Rusk. Create your own combo of powerful products!

3. Aquage Beyond Body Thermal Spray
This should be a go-to product for anyone and everyone that uses any sort of heat-styling - blow drying, flat ironing, curling irons, etc. Spray once on each piece of hair before applying the heat, or apply to whole head prior to styling.  This thermal spray will keep your hair protected from heat damage, as well as makes even dull hair super shiny! Who doesn't want super shiny, undamaged hair? I don't know who!

Amazon.com sells most beauty products at a discounted price. So try there first, then if you can't find the product you want, check with your local stylist..or email me! makeupbyheathera@gmail.com - I would love to help you in any way I can!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Who's Afraid of the Big, Bold Brow?!

Bold Brows - many have them, many more want them - so don't be afraid!

This may not be one of Paula Abdul's favorite moments, but her brows are all the hype right now!  The fall runway models were showing bold brows from beginning to end.

In magazines, movies and TV, bold brows are taking center stage - and for you all that may get confused - bold does not mean bushy! Oh, heck no! Tame those bad boys, and make sure there are two! ;)

Kim Kardashian has fabulous bold brows that are shaped to frame her eyes, and face, perfectly. Who wouldn't die for these? I know I would! (those lashes too - they are false, but still so fabulous!)

Jennifer Connelly's brows are perfection! They bring bold and brow to a whole new level. While trimmed and shaped to accentuate her brow bone, these brows still have that "wild" look on both inner sides above the nose - creating one of the most amazing sets of brows ever seen!

When trying to create your perfect brow, which we know may not be as bold as those pictured above, you need to take your face shape, eye shape and the brows you were blessed with, into consideration. Using the diagram above, you can measure out (using a pencil or makeup brush to help with the guiding lines) where your brow should start and end, and where your arch should be. How thick or thin they will be depends on personal taste, as well as how thick/thin your brows are naturally. You can't have a bold brow like Kim K if your brows naturally are half the thickness. Well you can, but not naturally ;)

Use a shade of eyeshadow or a brow shadow, that matches your brow color, to fill in between the hairs. This instantly makes them look fuller while not giving them the harsh lines a pencil can leave behind.
*Double Bonus:
If you love your pencil and don't want to part with it - I recommend purchasing a few disposable mascara wands, and brush through your brows after penciling them in. This loosens the product and blends in while diminishing the harsh lines so that they unite. You want to be natural - or as natural looking as can be!

Mascara...to pay more, or not to pay more...that is the question!

Mascara always has people stumped. You want to get the best bang for your buck, but many think the more expensive and intricate the brush design, the better - but not necessarily!
There are many mascara's available right in your budget, and they are work wonders too!
*The higher price point doesn't always equal a better product*

Under $10 -
For Volume - Maybelline Volum'Express Turbo Boost Mascara is one of my favorites! The brush doesn't let your lashes clump up and you can add a few coats to create dark, dramatic lashes!
For Length - Cover Girl Lash Blast Length is amazing! This light, airy mascara lets your lashes feel completely natural to the touch, yet adds a great deal of length! Enjoy long, beautiful lashes - everyday!

Over $15 -
For Volume - Hypnose by Lancome is fabulous! It gives the length and fullness you want in just a couple quick coats! Dramatic lashes have never been easier to achieve.
For Length - Yves Saint Laurent Faux Cils will never let you down! Get the great length you want, while still getting a natural lash look. Always beautiful, never flakey! *Bonus~it comes in a variety of colors (blue, green, violet) so that you can create a fun look during the day as well!

Mascara company's try to sell their product from all angles - lengthening, volumizing, strengthening, conditioning, the shape of brush, the brush (bristols or silicone), etc. No matter what, we all know that the lashes you see on the commericlas and advertisements have been touched up (to say the least!) To receive the closest copy cat to that look that you love in the photo, the above mascara's will be anything but false ;)

Mascara, if used everyday, should be chucked after a month - two months tops! Those brushes are bacteria magnets! Ew!
Purchase Beauty Alert Labels to remind yourself when to toss & repurchase!