Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Two Gift Sets that are Great for the Woman Who has Everything! (and yourself!)

Just because its Holiday time, doesn't mean you can't purchase a few gifts for yourself! This is the time of year when "Limited Edition" is slapped all over product packaging! Many of the limited items are very similar to the brand's regular products. However, there are brands that give you a great deal on their products!

Below are two limited editions that everyone should check out:

The Book of Nudes, Laura Mercier ($48)
Available at Sephora, this neutral, but fantastic, palette can be used with any skin tone. Working with the colors to create a natural look, or a smokey eye look, this palette gives you the tools to go with your imagination. It includes lip and cheek colors, which makes it perfect for travel. This is a fantastic deal for yourself and someone else!

Make it Perfect Brush Kit, MAC ($49.50)
Brushes are the key to a perfect makeup application. If you have great brushes, even if you can't apply makeup well, it makes a huge difference in the outcome. So get rid of those icky sponge brushes that come in compact - they carry bacteria - yuck!
I absolutely LOVE my MAC brushes. I have had my same set for over eight years, and they are still going strong! I clean them regularly and keep them in a good environment (not too hot, not humid), which is important. When you spend $20-$50 per brush, you want them to last you as long as possible. MAC brushes do all of that and beyond - which is why this set is on my list today!
Only at Holiday time, does MAC sell a brush set.  Each year they create three separate sets - each including specific essentials for eyes and face.
Below I have shown you the "Essentials" Kit. It includes a face powder brush, a liquid foundation/moisturizer brush, and three eye brushes. Separately these brushes would be around $100. What is also great about their brush sets is that the handles are shortened. Therefore they fit perfectly in the makeup bag that comes with the set (or your own). Nothing beats great brushes; and this set, as well as the other two available, are worth purchasing! 

*I will be posting a few great gift sets every week - so keep checking back for more great deals*

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