Thursday, November 3, 2011

Who's Afraid of the Big, Bold Brow?!

Bold Brows - many have them, many more want them - so don't be afraid!

This may not be one of Paula Abdul's favorite moments, but her brows are all the hype right now!  The fall runway models were showing bold brows from beginning to end.

In magazines, movies and TV, bold brows are taking center stage - and for you all that may get confused - bold does not mean bushy! Oh, heck no! Tame those bad boys, and make sure there are two! ;)

Kim Kardashian has fabulous bold brows that are shaped to frame her eyes, and face, perfectly. Who wouldn't die for these? I know I would! (those lashes too - they are false, but still so fabulous!)

Jennifer Connelly's brows are perfection! They bring bold and brow to a whole new level. While trimmed and shaped to accentuate her brow bone, these brows still have that "wild" look on both inner sides above the nose - creating one of the most amazing sets of brows ever seen!

When trying to create your perfect brow, which we know may not be as bold as those pictured above, you need to take your face shape, eye shape and the brows you were blessed with, into consideration. Using the diagram above, you can measure out (using a pencil or makeup brush to help with the guiding lines) where your brow should start and end, and where your arch should be. How thick or thin they will be depends on personal taste, as well as how thick/thin your brows are naturally. You can't have a bold brow like Kim K if your brows naturally are half the thickness. Well you can, but not naturally ;)

Use a shade of eyeshadow or a brow shadow, that matches your brow color, to fill in between the hairs. This instantly makes them look fuller while not giving them the harsh lines a pencil can leave behind.
*Double Bonus:
If you love your pencil and don't want to part with it - I recommend purchasing a few disposable mascara wands, and brush through your brows after penciling them in. This loosens the product and blends in while diminishing the harsh lines so that they unite. You want to be natural - or as natural looking as can be!

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