Friday, November 11, 2011

Want to look older? Didn't think so! Makeup tips to keep you looking young!

While watching the Today Show on NBC this morning, they had a small segment about makeup mistakes that can make you look older than you actually are. Who would want to do that? No one! So let me share some tips with you to make sure you are keeping yourself up-to-date and young (but not too young!)

1. Moisturizing!
How funny! Just last week I wrote a blog about face moisturizing for the winter months! It is a common mistake, but just because your face isn't itchy or feels dry, or even if you think you have too much oil - you MUST MUST MUST hydrate that skin! No matter what you think, without moisturizing your makeup will not go on as smoothly, and your skin will seem to age quicker. Also, many people think of foundation as "makeup". It is actually an additional protective layer for the skin. You don't have to use a heavy foundation to get the skin protection benefits you need. Using a pressed powder over your moisturizer will protect, as well as feel light and natural on the skin. Many powders are made with SPF for added sun protection - which is a must!
I love Estee Lauder's Double Wear Pressed Powder ($32). It glides on smooth and is great for oily and dry skin tones, as long as you are properly cleansed and moisturized first.

2. Dark Lip Liner with Light Lipstick is a No-No!
I don't know how many times magazines, and makeup artists and even friends, need to tell people that dark lip liner adds years to your look. Great for Halloween! Not great for everyday! As seen below, Pamela Anderson is one of the Queen's of using dark lip liner and nude lipstick! However the photo on the right as her with just nude lips. Even though they aren't the greatest photos of her, you can see how a subtle change to the lips can change the look.
My favorite combination for nude lips is MAC Whirl lip liner ($14), Hug Me lipstick ($14.50) and Bare Necessity Dazzleglass ($18.50). The photo of Jene Luciani below has her wearing that MAC combination. It's flawless and enhances any look on any skin tone!

3. Using Foundation as Bronzer = Clown Face
Many people think that by purchasing their foundation a shade or two darker, they won't have to apply bronzer, so therefore it will save them a step in the morning. Wrong! If your foundation leaves a visible line where the product ends and your skin begins, it is not the right color, and shouldn't be purchased (see left photo below). Foundation needs to match your skin tone so that you have a canvas for the rest of your makeup. If your base color is off, the rest of your face is going to be off. Say bye to you and hello to clown makeup (see C. Aguilera below). Heavy makeup ages your look, and who wants that? Not me!
Department stores let you sample products before you purchase, so use that to your advantage! It's not a scam to make you spend money (well, maybe alittle), but the company's have samples so you can see how their product feels and works before you purchase it. Some department store lighting is horrible - in that case, put the product on and take a mirror and walk to a window, or door and see how it looks in the natural light. Or, ask the company if you can take a sample home to try, that way you can use the product in your own environment and try it with your own products. Take advantage of what is offered to you so you receive the best results!

*Bonus - Not Cleansing Your Face Properly
I know this is not a makeup tip, however it is a tip, and you should read it carefully! When I was working for MAC, during my orientation, the instructor had said that every time you didn't wash your face before going to sleep, the skin on your face ages 7 days. Seven days??!! That is a crazy fact! If you don't wash your face before bed for a week, your face ages over a month!! Eekk!
Using a cream based cleanser is my favorite kind because it cleanses and hydrates at the same time, leaving your face soft afterwards, not dry and rough. However if the choice is a makeup remover wipe or not cleansing your face, the wipe will do! When it comes to cleansers, I don't feel it's necessary to break the bank. This is the type of product that you can purchase at a drugstore and it will work just as well.
Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser ($10) works extremely well with dry, normal and oily skin tones. Cleansing your face daily helps with breakouts and keeps your skin in tip-top shape! For those days when your about to fall on your face from exhaustion, I love my Oil of Olay Daily Facial Wipes. Just add water to create a creamy facial cloth that will wipe the day away (around $12).
Both available at your local drugstore, Walmart, and Target.

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