Friday, November 18, 2011

Tweezers & Brushes & Liners, Oh My!

Every person's makeup bag is filled with goodies needed to get through their day! However, there are a handful of products that every person should have handy. Make sure these products are in your survival kit (a.k.a. your makeup bag - that is my survival kit..isn't it yours??)

Foundation/Powder Brush (depending on what you use)
MAC's #187 brush is one of my favorites! I call it my skunk brush because of its colors. This brush evenly distributes powder or liquid all over the face leaving a flawless finish. No matter which liquid or powder you use, this brush will make sure it is applied evenly.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
Hands down - the best eyelash curler around! If you curl your lashes, you want this curler, if you don't - then you need to start! Once you purchase it, you will carry it everywhere! Check it out for yourself!

Tweezerman Slant Tweezers
You never know when one little hair might pop up! Tweezers weigh nothing, and can come into use for other things, such as unclumping your mascara! I always carry tweezers in my bag, even though I wax my eyebrows. In between waxes you may need to clean those puppies up, and tweezing as they pop up makes it easier for you to keep your eyebrow shape - also saves you in time in the long run.

MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencils
I love to carry a few eyeliners, in different colors. You never know when you may end up going somewhere directly from work and won't have time to go home and get ready. Other than using the liners for the obvious - lining your eyes - if they are soft enough, smudge them on the lid to create a shadow, or smokey effect. Instead of carrying tons of shadows and brushes for each color, the liners can be a substitute. MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencils are great for this, and at $15 each, they won't make you go over budget!

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