Monday, November 14, 2011

L'Oreal iNOA Hair Color!!!!

I am super excited to say that I am now certified to purchase and work with L'Oreal iNOA Hair Color!

This isn't just any hair color, this is iNOA. It is a permament hair color that is ammonia-free! How amazing is that?? It is super hydrating and conditioning for the hair, leaving the hair in better condition that before it was colored. Hair will be shiny and soft, and is great for hair that has been treated with a Keratin Treatment.
Grey coverage can't be beat by this product. If you have some grey/white hairs, this color is fantastic!

Since the product is ammonia-free, there is no smell when getting your hair colored. None. Completely scentless.
Another benefit of this ammonia-free color brand, it is much better for people that have sensative scalps. It actually helps soothe the scalp with the conditioning agents in the product.

I can't wait to use this new product and hope you will enjoy the benefits of it with me!

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