Thursday, February 16, 2012

*Friday Favorites*

I can't believe February is already half over! How crazy?! Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day and are now getting ready for Spring (hopefully it will be here before we know it!)

Check out some great finds - well I think they are anyway - Enjoy!

1. Chanel's Rouge Allure Laque in Empire - the Perfect Red Lip

When you are looking for that perfect bold lip to go with that natural or smokey eye makeup and little black dress - this is it! It is a blue based red, so it really isn't for everyone, but most can pull it off, even if it's worn lightly or over another lipstick. The coverage is amazing and it lasts a few hours without wearing off. It's not drying to the lips and it doesn't bleed. I can't think of anything better to say about it! It is a limited edition so get your hands on it now! $32

2. Using Shadow as Eyeliner

On a daily basis, as well as to all of my clients, I recommend using shadow as liner. It is a softer look for everyday, and allows you to be creative with your makeup! You can use navy or dark greens and purples that you may not have purchased in pencils or liquid. Apply the colors over black liner, or as a substitute. I dare you to try it! Drugstore $5 each

3. OPI My Private Jet

For summer or winter, this color is great for fingers and toes! It's a silvery-grey tone that has flecks of all different colors that in the sun can look rainbow-ish.  Matches any outfit and any color. Not much else to say - simply stunning!

4. Mary Kay Oil-Free Makeup Remover

Definetly a must have!!! I have been using this for years and honestly I have tried so many other makeup removing products, this is my all time favorite! I do use Target makeup wipes a lot, but for removing eye makeup and lipstick that may have stained your lips, this is much better and leaves your skin far less dry than wipes do. The "oil free" makes it great for people with combination to oily skin types, and it is also great for women with sensative skin. $15

5. And lastly, my favorite of all - My Award! =)

Sorry, had to throw that in there =)
I am so happy to have be honored with this award.  I have put a lot of work into my business over the past few years and I really appreciate that its all been recognized due to the responses and reviews I have received from my clients! Thank you everyone! xo!

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