Friday, February 3, 2012

*Friday Favorites*

Here is my second *Friday Favorites* post...Enjoy!

1. Laura Mercier - Limited Edition Lingerie Eye & Cheek Palette

I absolutely love this palette! It has the colors perfect for day and night, while also giving you a few options. What makes this compact versatile is that you don't have to use the whole palette each time you wear it, you can create your own look each time you open it up! The size makes it great for your makeup bag and even better for travel - it has your eye shadows and blushes in one slim compact.
$60 sold at Laura Mercier counters and online.

2. Laura Geller - Perfect Pairing Liquid & Powder Liner
I came across this product last weekend through my friend, and let me tell you - it's amazing! One side is a liquid liner, with an amazing felt point tip applicator, and the other is a black powder that has a felt applicator as well. The powder can be a little messy so I do recommend applying it before face makeup so you can clean your face after the application, but it stays on for hours! $26 from QVC

3. MAC Brush #187
All of you that know me know I call it my "Skunk Brush". This is my favorite brush for any liquid/powder/cream face lotions, foundations, etc. The reason why I love this brush so much is because it is dense enough at the base to be sturdy, yet the white bristles are more sparse, letting you not waste product, and ensuring that it applies evenly on the skin. Any product that I apply with this brush, which is about all face products except blush, I apply by creating circular motions around the face, giving an airbrushed effect. If the product is a liquid or cream foundation, I use a different #187 brush to apply the powder over it - again, in circular motions. You want your skin to look and feel flawless once your makeup is applied, and this brush does just that! $42

4. Beauty Alert! Beauty Labels
These are great labels that you apply to your beauty products to let you know when they need to be trashed! You don't want to use products that are passed their expiration date, especially with beauty products - you can end up with a reaction that can be as subtle as an itch to as obvious as blotchy blisters. Certain products, such as shadows and powder products don't expire nearly as quickly as liquid products do. Find out from the company you are purchasing your products from how long they last, so you know when they need to go! $4.95
*Most products, such as foundation, face creams, etc, if used every day, will last a certain amount of months, depending on size of the product - no product should expire before that time. However if you use only once a week or once here and there, it may need to be trashed before you finish it.
5. Valentine's Day Candy Vase

My one non-beauty item ~ I absolutely love this! I am obsessed with vases and different ways to display flowers, and this just was too cute - especially for this time of year! Placing the flowers in a clear tumbler glass with the heart candies just brings colorful happiness to me when I look at it - I think you will too!

Looking forward to some new Friday Favorites next week, and a few new blog posts in between!

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