Friday, January 27, 2012

*Friday Favorites*

This is my first blog containing my Friday Favorites - where I will post around 5 of my favorite things that I want to share with you! Most of them will be beauty products, but I may throw in something else that I love...Enjoy!

1. Bliss - fatgirlslim

As Bliss calls it - A lean, mean, skin firming cream!  Which is exactly what it is! One of the ingredients in caffeine and it helps reduce the signs of sagging skin or cellulite. You apply it to where you need it and vuala! You will notice a difference in a couple of weeks, but if you start now you'll be ready for bathing suit season! Woohoo! $32-$108 - sold at Sephora &

2. Dr. Perricone - No Foundation Foundation
An advanced anti-aging translucent foundation. Makes the skin look dewy and flawless, while also fighting against signs of aging as you wear it! Can you get better than that? It has SPF 30 for your sun protection and is great for every day! Its light formula makes it feel like you aren't wearing any product at all! $55 - sold at Sephora &

3.  Santa Maria Novella - Eau de Cologne
My absolute favorite being Mughetto (Lily of the Valley), but Santa Maria Novella has over 50 different scents (lavender, rose, honeysuckle - just to name a few). Just a drop, and the scent will last all day! I purchased this in Venice years ago, but Lafco in NYC has all  of their products, soaps, talc powders, etc. $125 - sold at & select stores in Italy

4. XFusion - Keratin Fibers
This little bottle of keratin fibers comes in nine colors to match your hair color and makes your hair look instantly thicker and fuller. I love using it when I am styling the hair and leave a part in one area - I lightly tap some XFusion on the part so it doesn't stand out too much. Many people use XFusion if their hair is thinning and they want it to look fuller. Great product for anyone! Price varies, check at your local salon (I can purchase for you if you are interested)

5. Vintage Bottles as Vases

OK so this is not beauty related at all - but isn't it gorgeous!? I absolutely love this look! You may already have bottles similar to this, but they are definitely something you can find cheaper at tag sales or antique stores. Extremely girly and whimsical - love it and had to share!

Hope you enjoyed my first of many *Friday Favorites*!
Please comment below if there is something you want me to write about! xoxo!

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