Friday, February 24, 2012

What's Your Face Shape Got to Do With It? Everything!

Ever read articles in magazines where it tells you what's best for your "face shape"?

Ever sit back and think - "oh geez - is my face square or heart shaped?"(or something of that nature?)

Well, I'm here to Save the Day! (along with a little help from

First, you need to start off with a photo of your face. It could be one you've taken of yourself with you iPhone, it doesn't matter, just try to have you hair not in your face, so you can see all of your features (including your ears).

Then, start to ask yourselves these questions:

1. Is the width and length of my face about the same, where the widest part is from ear to ear (sorta like a globe)?
If yes, your face is ROUND.

2. Is my face longer than it is wide? 
If yes, then ask yourself:
Is it long and narrow with a narrow chin and/or higher forehead?
If yes, your face is OBLONG/RECTANGULAR.

3. Are my forehead and cheekbones wide, but my jaw narrow?
If yes, your face is HEART-shaped.

4. Is my forehead the same width as my jaw line and is my jaw prominent? Is my hairline squared off at my temples?
If yes, your face is SQUARE.

5. Is my jaw line wider than my forehead?
If yes, your face is DIAMOND - shaped.

6. Is my face approximately twice as long as it is wide? Is it only slightly narrower at the jaw than at the temples? Is my hairline rounded?
If yes, your face is OVAL.

Ok now you have a better idea of what face shape you are working with. Feel better? I hope so!

Now as a little bonus, since so many people ask me where to apply blush (and that really has to do with your face shape), below is a diagram that will help show you the correct placement for blush for you! (if you have a Diamond shape, go with the Oblong for blush)

Hope that was helpful! Face shapes have a lot to do with how you shape your eyebrows and what hairstyles looks best - especially when it comes to bangs - I let me know if you have more specific questions!


  1. wow! i just found your blog post and I thought it was really helpful! thanks a lot! do you have one about the proper eyebrows and bangs for the facial shapes? cuz that would be really helpful ^^

  2. thanks! I can def work on those articles for you! so stay tuned! please share my blog with your friends and family! =)
    Hope your having a great start to your new year!