Thursday, October 25, 2012

Making your Halloween Makeup Last!

Most Halloween parties are THIS weekend! How crazy?! It's already here!

Whatever costume you have chosen, many of you will be applying some sort of makeup. Whether it be face-paint or every day makeup, you want it to last through your party!

For face-paint type products, you want to start off with your skin being freshly clean, then apply your moisturizer, and lastly apply your face/foundation primer. I recommend one that is oil free since most of those face paint crayons have oils in them, You don't want them to run down your face half-way through the party. Make sure your face is dry, hydrated and ready to go with a matte-finish prior to the face makeup.

For regular makeup, you want to do the same, cleanse, moisturize, primer for the face, but you also want a to make sure your eye makeup lasts (and you can use this if you are applying face paints to your eye lids). Some costumes require you to enhance your eyes with a lot of makeup and possibly lashes. I recommend MAC Paints or Paint Pots as primers. These products are not considered primers, but they are all I use. They come in skin tone shades, and I always apply the appropriate one on the lid to the brow bone prior to eye makeup. This creates a clean canvas for you to work with, and it will not budge!

You want to enjoy the party, not worry about your face and makeup!

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