Monday, October 29, 2012

Tuesday's Tip of the Day: The Brush is Key!

When applying your makeup, it doesn't matter if it's your every day makeup, or if you are going to a wedding or other special event, you want it to look it's best!

Ever notice in magazine advertisements, and also in some people that pass you by, that their eye shadows blend perfectly together? Or that their blush is applied right where it should be and looks amazing?!  That is because they used the correct tools to create that look.
Just like it's very difficult to remove a screw without a screwdriver (which I am sure you have all tried with either a key or knife, etc) you can't apply makeup correctly - and efficiently - without the correct brushes.

Note* I don't care what anyone else says - throw out the sponge tip applicators from the makeup compacts you purchase - they are icky (and don't work)!!! If you are using sponges for applying ANY type of product, they need to be trashed EACH time you use them!
However, I personally don't recommend using sponges at all because they soak up your product and waste most of it - so in my book they are a no-no!

Boo! =(

If you are going to purchase brushes, I recommend getting good ones (MAC, Laura Mercier, Chanel, etc), because if you maintain them properly, they will last a significant amount of time.
The brushes I use, which are predominantly MAC, I have owned and used them for over 6 years, and I have never once had to replace one. I have purchased new brushes, but I have never needed to physically throw out a brush due to it not working correctly or from damage from cleaning them. That alone makes the investment - which is exactly what it is, an investment - well worth it.

Love my brush set!!! =)

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