Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Current Obsession: the good, the bad, & the eye-cream

The infamous "eye cream". A product that everyone has heard of, but not everyone uses.

The skin under your eyes happens to be the most sensitive out of all the skin on your body – which is why it has its own special cream. 

Just like pretty much any other product that is available, you don’t need to spend a fortune on eye cream, but I do recommend that you get one and use it!
There are drugstore branded creams, as well as department store and beyond. Go to the stores and get samples, try ‘em out, see what you like best by what fits your needs.

If you are puffy under the eyes, get a cream that will help with that. If you have dark circles often, make sure your cream has ingredients to help with that. Just like any other beauty product, it has a purpose, and everyone has a different skin "type" that needs to be catered to.

Once you find one that you love, could be in cream or gel form, you want to use your ring finger to apply it. Dabbing it lightly under the eye.
Your ring finger is the weakest, by doing this it makes sure you don’t press or wipe too hard on that sensitive skin.

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