Monday, October 22, 2012

Tuesday's Tip of the Day: Conceal Away!

Are you sleeping 7-8 hours and still waking up with dark circles under your eyes?
Then a little beauty product called "concealer" is going to be your new BFF!

When trying to find the correct concealer type and color, you need to first know what type of skin you have. Ask yourself, does it get oily or dry as the day goes on?
This answer will help you determine what type of concealer you will want to purchase for optimal results.

If your skin tend shine, and/or become oily under the eyes, you want to go with a thicker textured concealer – possibly one in a pot or a stick.
If you tend to get flaky, or dry, a tube concealer that has more of a liquid consistency may be better for every day.

The consistency of the concealer should almost be the opposite of your skin type. You want the concealer to lay flat without flaking or sliding down your face throughout the day.
No matter which skin type you are and which texture you end up going with, you want to set it with a powder once your done. Always. This will almost guarantee your concealer will stay in place all day long (as long as you are using the correct kind).

Once you know figured out the correct product for you - you then need to choose the correct color. You always want to go a shade or 2 lighter than your skin tone. Not SUPER light, but definitely enough to brighten up under the eye. You want to use a thin, stiff brush and make sure to apply starting from under the lower lash-line  going down and outward over the cheekbone. Make sure you apply product in the corner of the eyes on the side of the bridge of the nose. You want to ensure the brightness will be seen from all angles.

If you are going to be photographed, will be or on TV or film, I always recommend Makeup Forever HD powder to set it. For everyday, a translucent powder will do the trick!

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