Thursday, October 4, 2012

Get That Look* ~ Melissa Gorga's RHONJ Reunion Makeup

There are been tweets, blogs, facebook status's and emails about Melissa Gorga's makeup from the RHONJ Season Reunion that aired this past Sunday Night (and there should be, it was a-maz-ing!)

Not only was her skin glowing, and eyes sparkling on camera, you can tell it was just as flawless in person! Congrats to her Makeup Artist George for being amazing at what he does!!!

Melissa has given the tips and tools on how to create that look on yourself...and I just HAD to share!!!

(This picture doesn't do the makeup justice, watch this Sunday for Reunion Part 2)

First, and I always say this, you need to prep your skin. You want to cleanse it well, then apply your eye cream and face moisturizer (important!).
Next, I work on eyes first, that way you can clean up the makeup that falls easily, then continue onto face makeup.
For the eyes, apply your favorite primer on the lid and crease (mine is MAC Paint Pots in your skin color). Then highlight under the brow bone with a lighter shimmer tone, like MAC's Ricepaper shadow. Then apply MAC's Saddle shadow on the lid (from lash line to the crease, but not beyond). Then you want to work in MAC's Folie shadow in the crease, creating a shading effect. George then uses Makeup Forever's Gold Glitter, using a damp brush, only on the lid - NOT in the crease or above.
Lastly, apply black liner top and bottom, then lashes for that va-voom effect!

After your eyes are perfected, clean up under them of any fallen makeup, then brush on your concealer and foundation. Melissa uses either Dermalogica Cover Tint or Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer.
Then add blush - George applied Nars Orgasm, then lips - MAC Whirl Lip Liner, Cream Cup Lipstick and Love Nectar Lip Gloss.


NOTE* You can use grey tones on the eyes and apply silver glitter if that is more your thing - switch it up! This is a great guideline and you can put your own twist on it!

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