Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Current Obsession: Chic Snacks*

While watching the Today Show on NBC a few weeks ago, I saw this idea and it just made me happy!  A really cute snack case for your purse! Bobbi Thomas called it the "Snackcessory"
Ever notice that you have bars and snacks floating all around your bag? Do you find yourself pushing them aside so that you can find your keys?
Then you need this "Snackcessory" - which you can make yourself. 

It's a sunglasses case. That's it.
Maybe you have one laying around that you don't use, or you can purchase a fun, cute one, OR you can purchase a black cheap one and jazz it up yourself! Something to do on a rainy/snowy/loungy day!


I thought this is such a cute idea, especially since most people I know carry the biggest bags ever - and yes, I am guilty of that as well!
Instead of having snacks floating around, have them stored in your snack case!

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