Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Quick and Easy Slicked-Back Bun

Being that your social calendar for the holiday season is probably already almost filled up - you want hairstyles that will compliment your style, yet can be done rather quickly.

I love the slicked-back bun. This style is weather-proof. No matter the temperature or if there is precipitation, your hair will look amazing until you take it out!

To create the basic Slicked-Back Bun:

1. Divide dry hair to create a center part, then apply a small amount of shine serum with your fingers, then brush through.

2. Flat iron any fly-aways that you may see, then comb, all of your hair into a sleek low ponytail where your neck meets the back of your head. Use a tight elastic to secure.

3. Take the ponytail and wrap it into a coil around its base, then tuck in ends under. Use bobby pins to secure the ends and any shorter pieces that may be popping out.

4. Once secured, use a firm hairspray for bun and rest of head for a style that will last all night!


For side buns, use the same steps, just secure ponytail to which ever side you would like your bun.
You can also do this in a "messy" way, by not making hair so slick, leave it au natural, or curl it. Just remember to bobby pin any pieces that may fall out completely.
You also don't have to create a part if you like your hair to go straight back.


This is just a guideline, use your imagination to create different variations of the same concept!

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