Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Taping at Dr. Oz Today with Jene Luciani!

Hope everyone has heat/power, or is at least in a safe, warm place, while preparing for the Nor'easter that has already started to occur! Eek!

This morning, while most of you were still sleeping, my alarm went off at 5:50am to get up, get ready and get out to meet with Celebrity Stylist and author of The Bra Book, Jene Luciani. She had a 10am camera-ready call time at 30 Rock, which means 6:45am car pickup.

Yay! =)
(can you tell I took it myself? LOL)

Dr. Oz was taping one of their upcoming episodes about female body issues they wish they could change; one of the topics being "saggy breasts", was the calling for Jene, leading me to be on time and ready to make her ready for her appearance.

While in the elevator up to the 6th floor, Richard Blais from Top Chef, Top Chef: All-Stars and Life After Top Chef, was happy to help carry some of Jene's larger bags - such a great guy! (He was also a guest of Dr. Oz on the taping today, it was a great show!)

While Jene was going through her notes with one of the producers, I styled her hair, then her makeup, to make sure that she looked her absolute best on TV.

Hair & Makeup - Done!
(don't worry, we didn't leave the dressing room looking like this!)

Watching Jene's Taping from the Dressing Room - She looks fab as always!

Always hectic, but always fun - onto the next adventure!

**I will keep you poseted on when the episode will air**

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