Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Current Obsession: Kim Kardashian's Bouncy Locks!

OK so Kim's hair looks perfect every. single. time. Not fair.

She also happens to have so much of it. Not fair either.

But no matter how much hair you have, you can still give others the illusion that you have that same, perfect hair!

This is what makes clip-in extensions my favorite! You can have long hair 3 days in a row, and then you can forget about it for a month. You can put them in whenever you want that amazing, voluminous hair. Maybe it's for special events only, or maybe it's for every day - clip-ins let it be up to you!

A few simple facts about clip-in extensions. First off, you want REAL hair. You can't style and apply heat to synthetic (fake) hair. Yes, synthetic hair is much cheaper, and that is exactly the reason why. If you try to put any type of heat on synthetic hair, it will fizzle, melt, matte and turn into a disgusting mess, and can, and most likely will, ruin your own hair in the process. Stick with "Remy Hair", it is the best kind, and most versatile. It blends well with your own natural hair, and you can apply heat on it for blow drying, flat ironing or with a curling iron.

Once you purchase your extensions, you will need to bring them to your hairdresser so that they can be clipped in properly and cut accordingly. They need to match your haircut, so that they blend and look real - only YOU should know they aren't ;)

Your hairdresser can then show you how to put them in and take them out, because once they are cut and shaped to blend properly, each piece will have a specific place on your head where it needs to be clipped.

Once all clipped in, style accordingly with your own hair. You want to do this so they blend, and vua-la! Bouncy, Perfect, Voluminous hair!

My hair without my clip-ins ~ flatter, not as bouncy


Back of my hair with my clip-ins ~ much more bounce!
(with VH1's MOBWives star Ramona Rizzo)

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