Monday, November 19, 2012

Tuesday's Tip of the Day: Perfect that Winter Self-Tanner Application

Everyone wants that summer glow all year long, but the price of fake tanning just keeps going up, literally and figuratively. So how can you get that glow you want without going under those harmful fake rays?

When purchasing your self-tanner, do your research. Check out what your friends use, see what the reviews are online, knowing the product will help you figure out whats best for you.

Once you have the product, use the tips below as guidelines on how to apply it so that it looks as real as possible. Remember, don't go overboard when applying, you don't want to be 50 shades darker than your natural color in December. After too many applications in a row, it will end up looking orange and fake, no matter how amazing the product you purchased is.

1. DON'T RUSH! Just like a dentist appointment, mark it on your calendar. You want to apply slowly and make sure you cover all the skin – no one likes a blotchy tan!

2. Make sure to shower & shave well before tanning. Doing this will make sure your skin is smooth and ready for the application.

3.  After showering, moisturize skin extremely well. Tanner doesn't blend or set well on flaky or dry skin.
4. Don't forget your back! Especially if you wear low back dresses, or tops that are see-through or have slits. Use a long handled sponge applicator or ask a friend or beau to do it!

5. Make sure you have the adequate drying time for the product you purchased. Some say 20 minutes, some say a couple of hours. If it says wear loose clothing afterwards, don't put on spandex and run to the store. Following the directions incorrectly will give you different results from what the package states. Then you can't be angry when your tan doesn't look great once your done.

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