Monday, November 5, 2012

Tuesday's Tip of the Day: Keeping Up with Skin Hydration!

Now that the cold weather is starting to set in, it's truly beginning to feel like fall/winter outside.

Dry skin is no fun! It's itchy, can create flakes, yuck! No reason to be uncomfortable - nip it in the bud and you'll be good to go for the upcoming season!

1. When showering, try to keep water temperature warm rather than hot. Water that is too hot tends to dry the skin out quicker. You won't have to load up on as much lotion afterwards if you listen to this simple step!

2. Use a hydrating body wash, rather than a soap that will dry you out. Aveeno and Dove both have great moisturizing body washes available at great prices.

3. Always moisturize within a couple of minutes of showering, when the pores are still open. You want the lotion to go under the skin and hydrate from inside-out, not just lay on top. Also, don't forget to moisturize your neck as well as your shoulders and face. Many people forget the neck - it's very important to remember it, once of the places that ages quickly!

4. If you feel like your living environment is part of the problem, invest in a humidifier. You can get one fairly cheap at CVS, or your local drugstore. Sometimes lack of moisture in the air will be the direct cause of dry skin.

5. Your lips are one of your most important assets to keep hydrated! Every time you speak people look at them! Use, chap stick, Vaseline, gloss, lipstick - anything that will help keep them moist!

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