Monday, December 3, 2012

Tuesday's Tip of the Day: Holiday Makeup Quick Tips!

Instead of one tip today, I thought I'd give a few quick tips to great makeup! Holiday parties are creeping up upon us (some may already had one already), these tips will help keep your makeup fresh all night long!

1. If you are doing a full face of makeup, you want to fill in your brows a little. Unless your brows are super dense to begin with, you want to shade in parts where the hairs are sparse.

2. If you aren't used to doing your eye makeup, your eyes may tear or get irritated from all the touching. Use eye drops to help clear them out. But remember, use a brand you have used before, so you don't have any sudden reactions to something new.

3. You need blush! Even if you feel your cheekbones feature themselves enough, you want to accent them to finish the look. Apply a subtle pink or warm bronze to feature them some more. Your makeup will look incomplete without a little pop of color on those cheeks.

4. Use waterproof makeup. Any product that can be purchased in waterproof, should be - liner, mascara especially. If the party you are attending has dancing, or may be warm due to the amount of people in a space, you want to make sure your makeup doesn't melt down your face - not attractive!

(I know this is a little dramatic, but you know what I mean)

5. And lastly, do your eyes first, then your face makeup. Any makeup you use on your eyes, especially shadows, the powder will fall onto your cheeks. So much easier to clean up when you haven't done your face makeup yet. So save yourself the time and energy, do your eyes first, then face, then brows!

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