Monday, December 10, 2012

Tuesday's Tip of the Day: Estee Lauder's Double Wear Powder!

This powder is any one's saving grace! I use it on EVERYONE! And if anyone asks me to recommend a great powder for every day - or for an evening out - I say Double Wear!

Estee Lauder has their Double Wear line, and if you aren't familiar with it - you need to be! Every product in this line lasts 8-10 hours. They have liquid foundation (great for oily skin), foundation powders (pressed and loose), eye liners, lip liners, etc. - and you will be happy with all of it. I especially love their Double Wear Pressed Foundation Powder. It is what I use everyday and is always in my makeup kit!

It is exceptionally great for people with oily skin (it negates all shine and won't slide off from the oils on your skin), but it also fantastic for normal to dry skin, because it doesn't flake - ever! (as long as your skin was properly hydrated beforehand - which it should be)


As long as you have properly hydrated your skin after cleansing it, and I recommend using a primer as well, apply the powder with your favorite brush and your skin is ready for the day. You can use this powder alone for every day, or on top of foundation tinted moisturizer, or BB cream to set it for a night out or special event. It evens out skin tones, fills fine lines, and leaves a flawless canvas for the rest of your makeup! And the best part, it's under $35 - you can't beat it!


  1. So I have this and the clea de peau - what is the exact formula/process to cover my dark under eye circles but not accentuate massive eye wrinkles?! I hate when my makeup sets into the little cracks, but if I don't wear it I look like a raccoon! What step am I missing? Primer? Help!

    1. great questions!! =)

      once your face is cleaned, you want to moisturizer then prime your skin. then use a brush to apply the concealer under the eye. Fan the concealer out all the way to the top of your cheekbone and to the side of your nose. after applying your foundation after, blend to the concealer but not over it - you want it to be lighter under your eye. then set everything with the powder. you can use the same powder, but with a blending shadow brush to put powder under the eye. let me know if that helps!! =)

    2. Hi Heather - this does help - but I am still unsure of which brush is for what! Can't wait for you to do a post about different brushes :) I am looking to buy a new 'set' but not sure what I need! Any recommendations?