Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trend Alert: *Curls, Curls, Curls*

My friend Alex (@AlexOppRD) asked, now you shall listen!

Soft curls are in - for day and for night (they are great for day/night transitioning). Larger or smaller, it doesn't matter, it's a flawless way to wear your hair that will never go out of style!

There are a few ways to achieve the end results you want, but you want to start with applying a little bit of hair oil and mousse to the hair after you towel dried it. This will help the curls hold better once the hair style is complete.

Rachel Zoe

If you are looking for Rachel Zoe-like hair - I recommend putting your hair in pigtail braids after applying the products. Then loosen the braids by pulling slightly some of the hair from the braid (not completely out, just enough to keep intact), so they aren't so perfect.
If you don't have time for them to air-dry, use the blow dryer to dry the braids. Once they are predominantly dry, take them apart and separate the hair, dry a little more using your fingers to detangle the hair. Then take a 1inch curling iron and make a few curls around the head to give it that messy look.

Christina Applegate

If you are looking for Christina Applegate-like curls - I recommend blow drying the hair almost straight with a round or paddle brush (if your hair is super curly - then completely straighten the hair), then use a 1.5-1.75inch curling iron to curl strands away from the face as well as add curls around the head. If it is easier, section the hair and curl the bottom layer first, while moving up the head.

Tip* Use a light hairspray, Sebastian Shaper Plus is my favorite, to hold curls while styling, then use a stronger hold once your are done to hold it in place - I like using Rusk w8less spray as the finishing spray.

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