Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cakey Concealer? No Way!

You want to cover those dark circles, but you don't want to look like you have pounds of makeup on either? Ever have that problem? Most people do. Below is an easy way to apply concealer so you won't feel cakey any more!

1. Start out with a clean face. I apply eye makeup first, then clean under the eye (from all the makeup that fell) with a makeup wipe - then blot dry. Apply your primer of choice to your whole face.

2. Your concealer should be at least one shade lighter than your skin tone. If it's the same color as your skin, it's not going to brighten up the eye area, it's just going to blend with your skin. Take your concealer, and disregarding what consistency it is and if it has a applicator included or not, apply it with a brush, not a sponge or your fingers. Use a thin, small brush that you can bring up right under your lower lashes (like the Bobbi Brown one above).
Make sure to fan the concealer out to the top of your cheekbone and up the side of your nose (near the inner portion of your eye). You want to lighten up your entire eye from all angles.

3. Make sure the concealer is nice and smooth and has filled in the fine lines. If you feel like your fine lines aren't filled in, then you aren't using the correct concealer. I personally love stick concealers, they aren't as heavy as the ones in the pots, but they offer more coverage than liquid/tube concealers.
Once that is all set, apply the rest of your foundation to your face. When applying foundation make sure to blend where it meets the concealer, but don't go over it completely because that would be defeating the purpose of concealer all together!
Last step for concealer application is brushing a light powder over the concealer to set it. Make sure you cover all the places where you applied the concealer, as close to the lash line that you can get without poking yourself in the eye! That is where your concealer moves the most due to eye movements, so setting it there is super important!

Now you will look bright-eyed all day long!


  1. Can you recommend a good concealer? And is it OK to use the same under-eye concealer for other blemishes on your face?

    1. My two favorites are Laura Mercier and Cle de Peau, both available at Neimans and on their online sites. With experience using all different concealers, these have the best coverage when working with dark circles - and yes, you can use these on other blemishes on your face. Dab the product lightly with the brush onto the blemish. But remember, too much product will look cakey on raised blemishes, so don't over-do it.