Thursday, March 15, 2012

*Friday Favorites* - March 16, 2012

Latest trends and favorite things comin right up!

1. L'Oreal Volumnious Mascara

One of my new drugstore favorites! Goes on smoothly and you can layer it as much as you want. Just make sure to wipe the wand so ensure no clumps! $9 drugstores

2. Oribe 24-Karat Gold Pomade

Fun for everyday or for your wedding day, this gold pomade looks stunning on blondes or over highlights. Adds a hint of shimmer that doesn't look tacky. Great for the summer and for any event where you want to shine! $49

3. Hot Rollers for Volume

If you feel like your are curling iron and/or blowdryer-challenged, then hot rollers will be your new best friend! Depending on how much hair you have, I love to place the largest ones that will fit your hair, on the top of your head horizontally, usually 3 or 4 will do just fine for volume. Make sure they are the hottest they can be, then place on dry hair and leave for 15 minutes. When you take them out you will have curls that flow and the volume you can't get with the blowdryer alone. I recomment spraying them slightly once the rollers are in, then spray a little once you take the rollers out, to keep the volume and curls intact. The larger the roller, you will get more of a wave and more volume. If the roller is small, then you will get more curl and less volume. $30

4. Layering Necklaces

You can layer necklaces of different lengths, chunky with dainty necklaces, or even if they are all similar! Mix silver with gold, silver and gold with colors - mix and match to give a new look to an old outfit or to enhance a new outfit! Anything goes (almost!)!

5. Keepsakes as Decorations

I love the idea of decorating your home with different keepsake moments in your life. Like above, you can frame the tickets to your first date as a rememberance of where it all began. You can frame photographs with dates below of where you were when the photos were taken. Almost anything important to you can be, somehow, made into a memory that could last a lifetime! Be creative!

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