Thursday, March 8, 2012

*Friday Favorites*

Your *Friday Favorites* are here! Well, my favorites are below – hope they become your favorites too!

**I decided to switch it up a little bit, instead of just makeup and beauty products, I am going to incorporate some other of my favorites things – food, clothes and jewelry – and some other fun DIY crafts too!


  1. Clinique Repair Wear Intensive Lip Treatment
Great for when those lips are super chapped, or you just want a little hydration and shine! This product is always in my bag! $22

  1. Rusk being sexy hairspray
This hairspray is what you want when you need extra hold but don't want crusty, hard hair! No one should want hard hair - yuck! I also love that this is a buildable hairspray, which means I can re-spray later in the day, and it doesn't feel heavy, sticky or stiff - yay!

  1. Colored Bangles

Colored anything is all the rage right now, so throw on a few colored bangles with your outfit - combine them with silver and gold bangles, or leather bracelets for a fun look! They are sold everywhere, so check out Claire's or Icing to see if you can get some cute ones for cheapies! I <3 a good deal!

    4.    Striped Nautical Blazer

This is my favorites of all my favorites this week. A striped blazer. How perfect. I got mine at Joyce Leslie, it was $24.99 and looks like a million bucks when styled correctly. Most stores have their version of a striped blazer out this season - go grab the one you love!

  1. Crayola Chalkboard Paint

This is a fun one! Chalkboard paint - how can it get better than that? Use it in the kitchen to create a space for your shopping list, add it to the kids playroom, but a square in your bedroom to put your reminders for yourself. It's "green" (bc you won't use as much paper), and it's fun! There are many brands that make this now that you can get it at almost any store that sells paint.

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