Monday, March 12, 2012

How to be BOLD

Bold. One little word. One huge meaning.

If you follow fashion and trends of the season, you must have noticed that when a trend appears in the fashion world, it dips into each aspect of it:
1. makeup
2. clothes
3. shoes
4. accessories

Bold (and bright) colors are all the rage. Incorporating major color-blocking into your style, or a statement bold items, it the way to do it. For example, an all black outfit paired with a cobolt blue blazer, or bright green shoes. If your style is more subtle, you can still work in this trend, try adding the pop of color with a bright green or yellow clutch or bright colored bangle-bracelets.

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If you are looking for one item to be your "bold" item..let these pieces guide you!

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Some fun examples of color-blocking

If you are daring, maybe match that pop of color with your makeup. A bold green jacket would stand out even more with a green shadow, mascara or eyeliner. Emphasis in the word "or" - the goal is fashionista, not clown.

Example of a fun, bold - but not clownish - eye makeup

Doing a smokey eye has become more popular over the past few years, use navy blue instead of black or grey to really make those eye stand out!
*Remember - to keep your look classic, pair your bold eyes with a nude lip and a soft, yet strong, cheek.

*Note - just because bold colors and color-blocking is in - doesn't mean you can't go overboard. Look in the mirror before you leave your house - and if you don't own a mirror, but one! =)

If you are nervous about putting colors together but love the trend, try to keep colors that are in the same family. Such as: blues & greens, red, white & pinks, etc. you'll never go wrong. And also, everything looks nice with ivory or cream tones, so use those when you aren't sure.

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