Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Product Review: La Bella Donna Baci Moisturizing Lip Sheer

Voted Best Colored Mineral Lip Gloss by New Beauty Magazine
And once you use it, you'll know why!

The color and texture are what a person wants in a lip gloss. Just enough color, great shine, but not too sticky - I hate when glosses are too sticky and your hair sticks to it in the wind, ugh what a mess! Since this product is also extremely conditioning - which I love since my lips are always dry - it has the benefits of a lip treatment.

The nifty "click" pen concept is used to push the color through the wand into the brush.  You click a few times, which should be enough product, and the color will come through into the brush applicator. You then glide directly onto the lips, where it will leave a nice mixture of color and shine.

With all the color choices (above), there is a perfect match for every skin tone for day or night!

What makes this product so lovable, I think, is that one of it's ingredients is Sodium Hyaluronate - which I have noticed not many lip glosses have. This ingredient creates a barrier that lets moisture lock into the lips, even if the color has faded and you haven't had a chance to reapply. Leaving them soft to the touch.

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