Thursday, April 19, 2012

*Friday Favorites* ~ April 20, 2012

Back from being MIA  - here are some new favorites to try out this weekend!!!

Peach is my New Pink!
Check out below all the great ways to add a hint of Peach to your look for Spring/Summer!

1. Peach Blush

LOVE IT! Peach is the new Pink for Spring! You don't have to use a orange blush to get that peachy glow! Peaches by MAC is my new best friend, it adds a sun kissed glow, yet doesn't overpower my face for a subtle day look.

2. Peach Lip Gloss

I do not leave home without my Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss in Genie. The sponge applicator tip glides the product on smoothly. This is a great way to wear a coral/peach tone on the lips. It is not too much color, so can be used as almost a nude tone - however it immediately brightens up the face!

3. Peach on the Eyes

While you can always use blush on your eyes, and vice-a-versa, there are a few tones that you may want to add to your makeup bag - or your makeup table (if you have as much as me). Bobbi Brown has 2 great colors - Nude Peach and Gold Peach - the difference? Nude Peach is a matte peach shade, while Gold Peach has a shimmer to it. Both are amazing. Use on the lid, or line the outer part of your eyes with the tones for a more fun look! (you can even use them as or over your blush!)

Well, we've done eyes, lips and cheeks - how about peach as an accent piece for an outfit?

4. Peach Clutch

You want to add a hint of color to your outfit, but don't feel you can pull of something super bold? How about a peach colored clutch? It's almost nude and adding that spring-summer fun color to any outfit, makes it more fun! An accessory as simple as this can also be found at stores for any person's budget! Forever 21 has great products, all the way up to BCBG and beyond!

of course...let's now talk about food!

5. Peaches Soaked in Red Wine YUM (Peach Cobbler is great too if you're Under 21)

Need I say more about this? You can even take them out of the glass after they have soaked and mix them with other fruits - or you can soak all the fruits together!
Peach Cobbler is another amazing dessert if you aren't into have wine with your peaches!

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