Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5 Annoying Beauty Problems....Solved!

"What was I thinking?!"
"Ahh..what did I do?!"
"How did that happen?!"
Are these popular questions you tend to ask to yourself?

Here are some Oops! moments that can be fixed in 1-2-3!

1. You've over-tweezed your brows...

Were you trying to get those brows exactly how your brow specialist waxes them, but without having to pay the money to get them waxed..darn it! Time to fix!
Look in a mirror - and if you can't remember, grab a photo of when your brows looked fantastic to look at for reference - and outline with a soft brow pencil the shape you were going for. Yes you will be drawing on your skin, but we will blend this! Then fill in the areas where there are no hairs with the pencil or shadow. To avoid harsh lines from the pencil, take a brow brush, or a disposable mascara wand, to gently brush the product  through the hairs - blending them perfectly!
You will want to do this daily until they grow in how you want them.

2. You washed your face at night, but still have traces of makeup in the morning...

That means your cleanser alone isn't good enough. There are many formulas of cleanser, however you may need to use a makeup remover as well, especially around the eye area. Makeup removers are formulated to break up the makeup better than just soap alone. Using a toner to cleanse off your skin after you're done washing also helps, apply on a cotton ball and wipe around the skin - this will take off excess product that your cleanser missed.

3. You've used self-tanner, and now it's all over your bed sheets...

This is simple..don't use self-tanner too close to bedtime, and if you have too, or if you feel that it stains anyway, purchase a large powder brush and apply baby powder to the parts of your body you self-tanned. The powder will adhere to the tanner and make it less tacky, making it stay on your skin rather than transfer to your sheets or clothes.

4. You have acne on places other than your face....

There are a few tips to help this acne problem that leaves pimples on your body. You want to shower directly after working out, leaving sweat beads on your body for extended periods of time clogs pores and causes breakouts. You also want to wear looser clothes while working out, lets your skin breath. Using a body toner after cleansing will help with the breakouts.

5. Ingrown Hairs...down there....

Getting ready for a pool or beach party and notice some ingrown hairs? Using a cleanser or toner than has salicylic acid as an ingredient help unclog pores. You also want to shave in the direction of the hair in those areas, not against it. It will help lessen the amount of ingrown hairs that appear. Many have noticed that waxing, rather than shaving, helps with the ingrown hair problem. It may hurt, but you won't have as much maintenance and you will notice less pimples and ingrowns over time.

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