Monday, September 10, 2012

Tuesday's Tip of the Day: Eliminating Dark Circles*

Feel like you always look tired? Do you have dark circles and want themselves covered on a daily basis but feel like it's too much work?

Here is a quick way to cover them yourself during your makeup morning routine..

Once your face has been cleansed and moisturized, apply your eye makeup and clean well under the eye from makeup that may have fallen - I personally think this is the best way to do makeup, eyes first.

Your next step is to prime the skin, I love Laura Mercier's Oil-Free Foundation Primer, then use a stiff eye shadow brush to apply an illuminating concealer - I recommend Estée Lauder's Brush-On Illuminator concealer. I know this product comes with a brush, but I feel that too much product comes out and is wasted - so therefore I use a separate brush.

Once that is applied, I brush on a light dusting of a brightening powder over to set it. If you feel you need extra coverage, I love Cle de Peau concealer. It has a higher price point, (priced at $70, while Lauder's is $27), however it lasts forever and fills lines you may have a little better than the pen.

Once that is done, apply foundation and the rest of your makeup as you normally would, blending into the concealer, not going over it.

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