Monday, September 24, 2012

Tuesday's Tip of the Day: Drugstore vs. Dept Store

When searching through magazines to see what the new cosmetic product are, you may notice that most of the brands, unless it’s a "budget-friendly" article, are from deptartment stores.

Does that really make it better? How different are they really?

Some products may have a ingredient or two that changes the item drastically from the rest, but most of the products are very similar. People usually feel more comfortable at deptartment stores because they can try before they buy – but what you may not know is that drugstores have a return policy that lets you take the product home, try it, and bring it back for a refund if it’s not up to your standards.
So everyone should be taking advantage of that!

When looking at the trends, drugstore brands come out with extremely similar products so that they can be competitive with departments stores. If you think the trend is going to be short-lived, you may want to look at your local drugstore to try out a product, before spending triple the amount in a department store.

My favorite drugstore product right now is Wet 'n Wild lipstick. For under $2 you can get quality trendy lipstick shades without going out of your budget! You will probably be under budget! Throw a gloss you already have over it, and perfection!

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