Monday, January 7, 2013

Tuesday's Tip of the Day: New Year, New You, New Brushes! Part 1

Starting off the new year with new makeup products? or maybe want to try a new makeup trick? Good for you! Now all you need are the right brushes to make sure you get the best results from your makeup resolutions!

This blog is focused on Face Brushes 
(I use MAC brushes, which is what is shown below, there are other brands that make similar brushes that may be just as good, but I personally prefer these)

#129 is your go-to blush brush. Has a large enough head that it can be used for a powder brush, but I love the way it cups your cheek bone when applying blush. Always gives the right effect!

#187 is amazing for setting your foundation with powder, or for powder foundation. Once you have applied your foundation, or you have primed your face for your powder foundation, this brush is what you want to use to get the most even, flawless look you can accomplish. 

#190 is an amazing liquid or cream foundation brush. Evenly distributes the foundation over the skin, making it ready for the #187 to set it.

#195 is for your concealer. This brush comes to a soft point to help get that concealer right under your lower lash line! Make sure to dab all the way over your cheek bones and up the side of your nose, so that you are light and bright from all angles!

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