Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Golden Globe 2013 Red Carpet Recap!

Ok, so I know The Golden Globes were over two days ago already, but I had to get my thoughts together and really look at the female celebs. There was so much going on this year at the Red Carpet, and I had to figure out where I was going to start!

I do have to say, most of the celebs had great hair and makeup - it was the gowns that maybe could have been altered (or changed all together, for some).

Let's start off with one of my favorite gowns..Lucy Liu!
As much as I loved her Carolina Herrera gown, as it's own piece, and on her - I didn't love her hair with it. I do, in fact, love her hair, but more for a casual day to day - not for the red carpet. 
Floral print full gown = Do for Liu!

Next, another one of my favorite gowns...Nicole Richie!
Absolutely stunning! Her figure is perfect, her hair is perfect, however I don't think her makeup was perfect. Using blue shadow with a fully blue gown was too much. She should have kept her makeup classic like her hair - but overall she looks amazing! Naeem Khan, the designer, chose the perfect color for her skin tone - great choice!!

Now to get to one my not-so-favorite gowns....Julianne Hough
Her Monique Lhuillier gown was stunning from her neck to her waist, and then went down hill as you look at the bottom. The colors are stunning and the stud-work is amazing, but I think the frilly, chopped looking crinoline isn't doing it for me. Huff! for Hough!

Now onto: "I wish there was some sort of change in this gown" with Halle Berry
Halle in her Versace gown was NOT a hit. I can't seem to find one person that liked it. Her chest is drooping to one side, the cutout on the side of the gown looks super tacky, and the print just isn't right for the Red Carpet. Berry definitely bombed it.

Another change with her gown, is just a mini-change, with Jessica Chastain
This Calvin Klein dress is amazing, and the color and shape look amazing on her, except the chest area. When you look closely you can see that the material is looser and it is supposed to fall that way, but in a regular full length photo, or on camera, it is hard to tell and just looks like it doesn't fit. However her makeup and hair is flawless and matches the dress perfectly, so I still give her a thumbs up!

One of best all around look, gown, hair and makeup, has to be Claire Danes!
One Month since giving birth to her beauty baby, she is already looking better than most celebs that didn't have to worry about taking off baby weight. Her dress was effortless, her hair and makeup complimented it perfectly. Versace did it right this time!

And lastly, my two favorites all-around-looks wore black - Eva Longoria & Debra Messing!
Both of these gowns are amazing even though they are so different. Both appropriate for their body types, the hair and makeup aren't overdone, yet clean, fresh and polished. Emilio Pucci couldn't have had a better fit for Eva, and Donna Karen did the same for Debra. Perfection!

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