Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One Bold Feature A Day, Keeps the Beauty Fashion Police Away!

There are so many colorful trends in style right now with makeup, but if you go too far, you may be placed in Beauty Fashion Police Jail!

How to create that one bold look, and make it one to remember!

Bold Lips

Bold Lips are always in style, it's just how you pump up that pout that changes. Are you looking for that signature bold red? or maybe a deep plum for a vampy look? No matter which color you choose, remember to keep the rest of your face more on the nude side so you don't go overboard.
The above photo has the model in a fantastic bright coral tone that compliments her hair and eye color...gorgeous!

Bold Eye Liner

When experimenting with colorful eye liners, you want to make sure it doesn't clash with the rest of your makeup, as well as your hair and eye color. Navy's, Plums, and Green tones are a fun way to brighten up those eyes, while also not going too far out of your comfort zone.
Notice how in the above photo the model just has some mascara and slight eye makeup? It makes the liner stand out even more! Love it!

Bold Cheeks

Blush is one of my favorite makeup products! It can give any look that extra "oomph", but placement has to be correct - check out my previous blog What's your face shape got to do with it? to see what placement is best for your face shape. Applying it in the correct spot will accentuate cheek bones and make the face look slimmer. You will be surprised what this one product can do!

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