Thursday, December 8, 2011

There's more to Kim K than her butt! She has the illusion of perfect skin..and so can you!

Kim K is known for many things, her perfect hair, her perfect butt..but she's also known for her perfect skin! How does Kim get her makeup to look so flawless all the time, you may ask. There are tricks and techniques that you can apply on yourself to help achieve this look for your next party, or even for everyday!

First, make sure skin is properly cleansed, and the correct moisturizer for your skin type has been applied. If you don't know if your moisturizer is correct, then have someone that knows about skin, help you. If you aren't using the correct moisturizer, your skin can't look flawless!

Apply your eye makeup as you'd like. If you put a lot, or a little makeup, is your choice - have fun with it! Once done, clean - with a makeup wipe - any makeup that may have fell onto the skin below the eye. You don't want that getting into your pores, and you definitely don't want to apply product over that makeup.

OK, so now for the flawless skin part - I always start with applying a face primer over the moisturizer. I love Laura Mercier Foundation Primers. They have created a perfect primer for each skin type, so you know you will achieve the right amount of protection. Apply over entire face.

Once that has set in, I opt for Cle de Peau Concealer ($70) - even though it is a bit pricey, I believe it is the best! I have not been able to find another concealer that covers dark circles and fills fine lines as well as this one! I find that this concealer does its job no matter what skin type you may have. Also, since you are using it just under the eye, this stick will last a while (making the price worth it!).
Using your brush, bring the concealer down and over the top of your cheek bone, and up the side of your nose towards your bridge. This way, if your going to be photographed or not, your skin under your eyes is as bright as can be!

Now that you look like a raccoon with opposite colors (your very light under your eyes instead of dark) it is time for foundation! Again, just like moisturizer, you need to be using the correct foundation for your skin type. Not all foundations are made for everyone. Also, to get this flawless look, you need to use a medium to full coverage foundation. It needs to have enough coverage to fill fine lines and any discolorations you may have.
*Tip - If you have very dark spots, or spots that may need extra coverage - apply concealer over those spots first, then apply foundation.

Once the foundation is applied, which can look somewhat streaky if you used a brush, you want to use a medium coverage foundation powder to set your foundation, as well as add another layer of flawlessness (yes, that is a word I made up - hehe!)
Once you have applied a good amount of powder, with a brush, in circular motions around your face, you will notice that the powder gave your face an airbrushed effect.

Apply a little bronzer if you feel you need to, and always, always, always add blush. Apply to the top of your cheek bone, or under it, depending on if you want to highlight the top and/or create contouring.

Add lipstick and you're all set! Perfection!

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