Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Party this Weekend? Let Me Help You Get Ready!

The weekend before Christmas is probably the most popular weekend for Holiday Parties! I know I have three in only two days! Many of you may even have more! Running around from party to party may make you crazy, but lets make your makeup steps as simple as possible! No need to make yourself more stressed than probably already are!

Depending on your style, and what types of parties you are attending, your makeup may change. Below are some popular looks that can be lightened or darkened to your liking.

Jewel Tone Colors -
A few of my friends, myself included, love the Jewel Tone trend that is sweeping across holiday parties, and even day time events, this season.

You may feel that it's hard to choose shadow and lipstick colors to go with these vibrant dresses, but don't worry! I will help you! Dresses like these (or shirts of these tones with black or navy pants) are bright, fun and playful - yet still appropriate. Choose to keep your makeup more natural, you don't want your makeup to be competing with your outfit - the outfit comes first when it comes to Jewel Tones. Using colors like MAC's All That Glitters, Bronze, & Antiqued are perfect shades to compliment any bright color. Using your lighter tone, apply to the full lid, and use the darker tones together and blend to your crease and outer lid area. If you want to add a little more va-voom - apply the darker tone under your bottom lashes for an additional "pop" of color! So fun!

I always go with a nude sparkly lip. MAC's Hug Me with Bare Necessity Gloss is my go-to! Chanel's Glossimer in Constellation is also an amazing sparkly gloss! Either will finish your look..perfection!

Your Basic Black -

Many people opt to wear their LBD (little black dress) or black pants and top. Always chic (if you wear it right - wink wink!). Always in style.

Black is always the easiest when it comes to choosing colors to wear - everything matches! You can choose to keep your makeup natural, or go with jewel tones for the eyes to make your look more fun and festive!

For fun blue/turquoise makeup to "pop" your eye color (like below),  I'd start with MAC's Blue Absinthe from the inner to mid sections of the lid with an eyeshadow brush. Then use a new brush using MAC's Contrast and a little bit of Nocturnal for the outer lid and crease, blending them nicely into each other to create the wave of color over the eye. Use the Nocturnal under the bottom lashes for a smokey effect. It looks difficult, but as long as you have the right brushes, it is not! Try it out and give yourself a little extra time if you aren't used to doing your makeup that elaborate.

No matter which look you choose, have fun with you outfit and style and don't hesitate to try something new!
*Remember - you can purchase similar colors at your local drugstore and get the same effect - I always recommend getting good makeup brushes - they make the difference in your application no matter which brand cosmetics you purchase.

Enjoy the Party! Drink Responsibly!

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