Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How to Organize Your Jewelry...

There are so many fun ways to display jewelry. Doing this uses more of your imagination than anything else!

For Bracelets:  
Counter top paper towel rods are great if you want them stacked and takes up less space. If you have more space, the velvet bracelet racks are great so you can really see all the bracelets you have!

For Necklaces:

Tack them up on pretty cork boards is a great way to showcase your necklaces and/or earrings, but if you want them separate, a hooked tie rack for the wall is my favorite!

For Rings: 
Use a small decorative bowl for rings if you have a large collection. If you only have a select few favorites, you can get cute acrylic rings holders on amazon.  


All-In-One Jewelry Holder: 
Container Store and Amazon have great jewelry holders that you can hang on your door, in your closet, or on a hook in your wall! These are especially great for earrings. You can keep them in pairs and see what you have!

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