Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to Organize your Shoes...

Now that your handbags are all set and displayed properly, lets move onto shoes!

Just like your bags, go through and see what you don't need. Classics are always good to save, but those prom shoes? Maybe time to donate or sell.  

If shoes are extremely worn, probably best to toss, but if they are gently worn or not too bad, sell or donate. Not everyone can afford brand new shoes- there's your good deed for the day!  

There are a few ways to organize those shoes so you can see them all. 

Hanging is one of the most popular if you have the space. In the back of your closet, or on an open wall, hang them by the heel so you can see all your shoes at one glance. 

If you are using door space, using see an organizer with see through pockets would be your best bet.

If the amount of space you have available is on the smaller side, either purchasing clear boxes so you can see in them, or attaching a photo to the front of their original box, lets you see what's inside quickly as well. I keep all my shoes in boxes and eliminates dust.

These front opening boxes are great,
you don't have to worry about boxes falling on top of you if you want shoes on the bottom.

Now for boots - the most annoying part of shoe organization! And if your like me, you have TONS of boots!

You can consider hanging boots, especially stiff ones like riding boots. Boots will take up a lot of floor space, so this will eliminate that problem. Ones that can be folded can be placed in boxes if you prefer.

Since boots are seasonal, once that season is over pack them away until next year. They take up too much room to keep all year round!

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